Top 5 Middle Eastern Halal Dishes To Try

Top 5 Middle Eastern Halal Dishes To Try

Traditional Middle Eastern cuisine has become an immensely desirable fare to try in recent years. People love the strong spices, mouth wateringly good

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Traditional Middle Eastern cuisine has become an immensely desirable fare to try in recent years. People love the strong spices, mouth wateringly good ingredients and rich, savoury flavours that complement Middle Eastern dishes so much that we’re now asking ourselves the question – what makes traditional Middle Eastern cuisine exceptionally tasty? 

As far as we’re concerned, there’s no one answer to this question, apart from trying the many dishes (that come from almost 20 nations!) and seeing for yourself! 

With this in mind, Halal Food GPT listed their top 5 Middle Eastern Halal food dishes you must try, preferably from within the countries themselves! 


Famed throughout Lebanon and Syria, tabbouleh is a delicious salad dish made with fresh parsley, tomatoes, plucked mint, onion, uncooked bulgur and a dash of olive oil, lemon and pepper. It is refreshing, uplifting and the perfect meal for an easy lunch. 

2. Hummus Maushaushe

Also known as Galilean-style hummus, hummus maushaushe works deliciously with a slice of flatbread. It is made with a generous heaping of olive oil and chickpeas. Spice, of course, also plays an important part! Assuredly, hummus maushaushe is as flavourful as it is smooth and nutritious. 

3. Torshi Seer

The simplest versions of Torshi Seer are often the most delicious and consist of garlic, salt and vinegar. This traditional Iranian recipe to pickle garlic is said to complete any meal! The pickled garlic that results from the salt and vinegar mixture can be stored in a pantry for several years, and the longer you leave this dish, the better your Torshi Seer will taste.

4. Shish Tawook

Shish Tawook, or Lebanese chicken skewers, is a melt-in-your-mouth dish that flourishes across the beautiful landscapes of Lebanon. What makes Shish Tawook so special are the unique marinades that accompany it! Well-grilled and served with pure garlic paste, yoghurt, olive oil and more, you’re sure to ask for second serving of this wonderful dish.

5. Dolma

Strongly associated with Iraqi cuisine, Dolma generally refers to stuffed grape leaves, although a range of different leaf wrappings can be used in this dish! Packed with rice, minced meat, offal, seafood, fruit or vegetables, Dolma is so diverse and delicious that it’s certain to satisfy the pickiest of appetites. We’d recommend accompanying your Dolma with a slice of citrus fruit, either lime or lemon, to enhance the taste of the fillings within.

These five Middle Eastern dishes are the tiniest excerpt from what is a vast, historically important and vibrant cuisine. The Middle East and all of the nations within have long mastered the art of cooking, and we could all learn something from this gorgeous cuisine, delicious in appearance, taste and texture as it is. Try these dishes with a home recipe, or head to the countries themselves and dig in!

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