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For many years, In The News has been the one-stop source for news, happenings, opinions, and debate from everywhere anywhere in the world for our readers. When it comes to engaging an audience with interesting, important, and engaging content, we are top. Your advertising needs will be well served by us.

Our Audience Is Unique, Loyal And Constantly Growing

With In The News, you get an incomparable chance to get yourself in front of and connect with an engaging audience that otherwise might be out of your reach. Our audience and community is always growing and, as they grow, so do your opportunities for growth and increase in your sales. Our unique and compelling content attracts loyal visitors to our website.

Why Should You Advertise With Us

Great Advertising Value

Our advertising value is unbeatable and we care about the growth of your business. With our different advertising options which have been designed to serve all sizes of businesses, we work with your budget to create an advertising package that will yield you the most results.

Our Community Trusts Us

Our community members know and trust us to be a reliable guide all the time. Over ten years, we have always provided them with high quality, intelligent, and engaging content that makes sure their time spent interacting with us is well spent and profitable. Therefore, they are loyal to us and keep coming back to our website because they trust to provide top notch content all the time.

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The Numbers Speak For Themselves

The numbers do speak for themselves. If nothing else, our website metrics should show you that we have just the kind of audience you seek. From the first day this website went live, we have had a total number of over 250,000 visitors, and we are still counting daily. Our community has also been growing and, as of now, we have over 5000 members and this is an ever increasing figure as well. Aside these lifetime figures, on a regular basis, we record the following averages:

  • 25000 monthly visitors
  • 5232 community members
  • 158000 monthly page views
  • 150+ monthly comments

How Does It Work

Creation Of Original Content

Our content team will work will you to create and develop custom content designed to promote your brand. We will work hand in hand with you to do so taking your desires and requirements into full consideration.

Brand To Audience Alignment

As we work on crafting custom content for you and your brand, we also work on aligning your brand to our audience. We do not just throw out content haphazardly, but based on what we know about our audience (which is quite a lot) we determine which segment will be the best fit for your ad.

What Next

All you have to do now is go right ahead to fill out the request form below. Once we receive your request we will review it and someone from our ad team will get right back to you.