Self-care to help you build healthy relationships

Self-care to help you build healthy relationships

Adulthood is overrated! This is a statement you'll often hear from people frustrated with life, and it is not surprising. Adulthood comes with overwhe

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Adulthood is overrated! This is a statement you’ll often hear from people frustrated with life, and it is not surprising. Adulthood comes with overwhelming responsibilities. You have targets to meet at your workplace, house chores, and still attend to social engagements and activities. With all these, there is no doubt you will relish to trade places with that baby of yours who got nothing to worry about. Well, you don’t have to think about that, rather think about self-care. It reduces codependency and will help you appreciate yourself.

What really is self-care?

Self-care is a term used to refer to everything you do deliberately for your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. It sounds simple, but only a few pay attention to self-care, and this is why the word ‘deliberately’ is used in the definition. You must be conscious of your wellbeing before achieving true self-care. It all comes down to simple tasks like not checking your email at night when you know it is going to disrupt your sleep.

It improves your sexual wellbeing

If you spend some time taking care of your body and general wellbeing, you will understand your needs on all levels. You will understand what pleasures you more and begin to try it yourself. Sexual satisfaction comes from knowing what works for you and your partner. You can try sex toys and see what works and what doesn’t. Sex toys for women will help you tell your partner how to satisfy you, all this thanks to simple acts of self-care.

Self-care tips to help you improve your wellbeing

Keep your physical health in check

The mind and the body have a unique physiological connection. It is near impossible to be in high spirits yet not feeling right about your body. According to research, physical exercise increases serotonin levels in the body, in return improving mood and energy. Choose an activity you love as part of self-care. It could be a morning run or jog, swimming, or anything else that will make you feel alive. You will get immense fulfilment from doing something you like. It is this love that encourages you to do something even if you don’t have the time for it.

Change your attitude

Too often, you tend to focus on the negatives while forgetting to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you. It is particularly often after a breakup, and all you remember and focus your attention to is how badly he or she treated you. Every sweet moment you shared seems to evaporate, yet it is what kept your relationship going.

‘No’ is an answer

Quite often, you will find yourself not being able to say no to some requests or demands in an attempt not to hurt feelings. Doing this at the expense of your peace or wellbeing is going against the basic principles of self-care, and you need to change. Learn to say ‘NO’.

Self-care works. Learn to do things that make you happy. Look for what motivates you bearing in that it could be different from what motivates your neighbour or partner.