Preparing your patio for spring

Preparing your patio for spring

As we head into half term, a quick look out of the window tells us that spring is definitely on its way. The faintest hint of green buds can be seen o

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As we head into half term, a quick look out of the window tells us that spring is definitely on its way. The faintest hint of green buds can be seen on the trees and the snowdrops and crocus are beginning to reveal their colourful shades, meaning it’s soon time to start the spring gardening.

With the weather just beginning to get a little warmer there has never been a better time to get out there and prepare your patio for the spring.

Check your furniture

If you love sitting out in your garden, then you may already have some garden furniture. It can be a good idea to check this over once a year before you start to use it so that you know it isn’t damaged. Metal 2 seater bistro sets should be checked for signs of rust and then treated if you find any. Now is also a good time to give them a fresh coat of the appropriate paint to protect them from the elements for the rest of the year. Wooden furniture should also be checked over, particularly if stored outdoors over the winter as damp and frost can damage it. If you have sun loungers then get them out of storage and check that the cushions are in good condition. If they were put away slightly damp them, they may have a mildew issue, this will give you plenty of time to treat them or buy some new cushions.

Get scrubbing

The winter rain, snow and even falling autumnal leaves can be a disaster for patios. The build up that these issues can leave result in the surface of your patio not only becoming dirty, but it can in places become slightly slimy and slippery. Start by brushing up any dead leaves so that you can see exactly what you are working with.

If you clean your patio every year, then it may not need too much work and a stiff broom, and a bucket of hot soapy water may be enough to remove any surface dirt and debris. You can also buy patio cleaners specifically formulated for this job if you would prefer. If, however, it is very dirty, you may prefer to use a pressure washer to give it a really good clean.

Planters and tubs

Whilst planters and tubs can look amazing on a patio where they often add a much needed splash of colour, they also do need some work after the summer as well. If you usually plant annuals in your planters then now is the time to pull up any dead foliage from last year. Dig the soil over and add some more if needed; if you’re considering growing veg in planters, then a feed may be a good idea. Whilst annuals are already appearing in the shops you may want to hold off for a few more weeks before planting any out as unexpected overnight frosts can damage these delicate plants.

If your tubs contain more established plants such as shrubs, then these should not need replacing, unless particularly harsh winter weather has caused them damage. They might however benefit from some light pruning to give them a better shape and perhaps thin then out as needed. Not all plants like being pruned and some are better pruned at other times of the year so do check the preference of your particular plant before doing this.

Give the outside of your planters and tubs a wipe down to remove any dirt and then place them on your patio in the most appropriate position. Some of them will prefer shadier areas whilst others will thrive in full sun. You may also want to add some new planters and shrubs whilst you are doing all of this to make sure your patio is sitting pretty just in time for sitting out.