The Women Behind the Online Sexting Business

The Women Behind the Online Sexting Business

Most of us have heard about sexting, many of us may even have engaged in it ourselves, but how many of us know the truths behind the online sexting in

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Most of us have heard about sexting, many of us may even have engaged in it ourselves, but how many of us know the truths behind the online sexting industry, where open-minded men and women come to share themselves and their deepest secrets to complete strangers. The truth is, sexting has been around a lot longer than many of us think; from the creation of the written word humans have been sending each other steamy letters, and the explosive introduction of the internet has revolutionised this ancient practice. Now, we can go online and with a click of a button connect with people from all over the world, while enjoying ourselves in the process. Much of the information surrounding this industry focuses on the user, but in this article, we’ll explore the women behind the online sexting industry, why they do what they do and how they feel about it.

What Is Online Sexting?

Online sexting is the art of exchanging risqué photos, messages, videos or phone calls between two people via the internet, which sounds simple, but it is so much more than that. Many people feel that sex isn’t possible using technology alone, but this is no longer true, nor has it been for a while. The emergence of the internet has expanded human sexuality and now thousands of women are making money by sexting strangers using sites such as Arousr. On these websites, users can connect to women from all over the world and play out their steamiest sexual fantasies without fear of judgement or being ‘outed’. Unfortunately, like many areas involving sex and sexuality, there is still a stigma associated with online sex, but the women who work in the online sexting business are taking steps towards breaking this stigma down and showing others that sexual liberation is not a bad thing.

What Happens in a Sexting Chat?

Many people wonder what actually happens in a sexting chat, and for the answer to that we have to turn to the women themselves. The conversations that unravel on sites such as Arousr can range from surprisingly tame to shockingly kinky, as one woman who works on Arousr explains: “I do get some clients that just want to talk, I love when I get them… when a client comes in, you are having a conversation with him, one on one so you never know what you are going to be talking about next. Each client is a new adventure.”

The range of kinks, fetishes and fantasies catered to by the women working in this industry is unsurprising, as online sexting is seen as a way for many to express themselves and feel sexually liberated without being judged. Many of the performers note that role-play, cuckoldry and domination/submission are some of their more popular requests.

However, it can get much more bizarre. As one woman describes ‘For me the weirdest thing a client has asked for is the diaper fetish… he wears the diaper all day long.’ Luckily though, the women working for sites like Arousr wouldn’t be there if they weren’t pretty sexually liberal themselves, so most will be interested in catering to all sorts of wants, so long as they adhere to the site rules.

Who Are the Women Working in This Industry?

So, who are the women working in this industry? Well the answer is, it could be anyone. There are a huge range of people working in the online sex industry, and although this article focuses on women, it’s not just women who earn money this way. Gay/bisexual men and transgender people also find enjoyment and income from online sexting. There is no set demographic for who can become a sexting professional. However, these women do tend to have a few things in common: they are comfortable with themselves, quite sexually liberal and interested in satisfying the needs of others to the best of their ability.

We keep so much of our lives a secret, you never know who could be earning an extra income via sexting. Some women are very open about their jobs and feel no shame in being honest to their friends and family about the type of work they do. Others however, fear backlash or judgement for their choice and so choose not to divulge the true nature of their work.

How Do These Women Earn Money?

Another commonly asked question is: how do these women make their money? The answer is fairly simple. For sites like Arousr, the users of the website pay for ‘credits’ that allow them to message whichever women they would like. In return, the women earn a cut of this money for every message that they send, and they can earn more for videos and phone calls. In addition to this, they can also earn money through tips from individual clients. This system is preferred by many women because it means they can be flexible with when they work, what they do and how much they earn. They can choose whether or not to do videos or phone calls or just to send messages.

How Do Online Performers Feel About Their Work?

Women go into online sexting for all sorts of reasons, some just want to have fun and earn a bit of extra money, some want to earn a full-time income doing something they enjoy, while still others join because they want a flexible job that allows them to work from home and can help to pay for their education, for example. As one performer says: ‘To be honest, sexting is not for everyone, you have to have an open mind, be willing to share pictures of yourself with men you don’t know and the most important thing, enjoy doing it. The more you enjoy it the happier your clients are.’

Hopefully this article has been eye-opening for you. Although not a common topic of discussion, the online sexting industry is thriving and growing in popularity every day, and so are the women behind it.