Will Walker Return for a Fifth Season?

Will Walker Return for a Fifth Season?

The Western genre is back with a bang in popular culture, and viewers have been treated to some excellent television offerings in recent years. The CW

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The Western genre is back with a bang in popular culture, and viewers have been treated to some excellent television offerings in recent years. The CW’s Walker is up there with the best. It’s clear that the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger has gone down well with modern fans.

Walker’s fourth season recently hit screens, and it still enjoys high viewing figures. It’s likely that it will return for a fifth season, and that the franchise could expand further as well.

Walker Capitalises on Western Popularity in the Mainstream

If you explore the wider entertainment industry, it’s clear that Westerns are back among the most popular genres. This is highlighted by the online bingo industry, in which developers have to use themes that will appeal to a lot of people.

People who play bingo also enjoy slot games, and Slingo Money Train is up there with the top played offerings. The title features a dusty Wild West landscape, with saloon and wooden buildings along with a rickety railway track. When players click on the game, they’re faced with typical tropes of the genre, such as guns, trains, and bandits.

The online bingo industry is thriving and offers great insight into the genres that people are looking for. With Westerns up there with the best, it’s no surprise that there has also been a revitalisation of the genre on television and in film. Walker capitalises on this popularity, and this is reflected by the fact that the show’s pilot was the most watched offering on the CW since the release of the Flash.

CW Expanding the Western Series

There have been 62 episodes of Walker so far, and the CW clearly sees this as a franchise that it can keep alive. There’s almost certainly going to be a fifth season, and there could also be more spinoffs related to the characters and the world of the original. Indeed, after the success of the first season in 2021, there was already talk about how to expand the franchise further.

There has already been one spinoff, which was the prequel series, Walker: Independence. This was first conceived in 2021, and it eventually aired a year later in October 2022. Unfortunately, the offering was cancelled after one season. However, it highlighted how the creators are open to developing more content surrounding the original.

Likely to be Many More Television Westerns

It’s clear that the Western genre is hot in television right now, and there are likely to be many more offerings to enjoy in the coming years. Television developers are finding that modern Westerns are just as popular as old style ones as well, so there’s a nice mix emerging.