Where to stay when visiting Mykonos

Where to stay when visiting Mykonos

Choosing the accommodation that is best for you will ensure you have a great time on your vacations in Mykonos. Our advice is to start checking your o

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Choosing the accommodation that is best for you will ensure you have a great time on your vacations in Mykonos. Our advice is to start checking your options early and book your accommodation as soon as you find the right place to stay. Mykonos accepts thousands of visitors each year, and good accommodation places are usually booked fast. Moreover, prices are higher during the summer.

Type of accommodation

Although Mykonos offers any accommodation, including some for low budget travellers, we recommend five-star hotels and Mykonos Luxury Villas: this way your trip can be an excellent opportunity to spend some vacation time like a star.

5* hotels or apartments

You will find plenty of them in Mykonos, as the island is famous for its luxurious facilities and the high standards of the services provided. They offer rooms and suites, all decorated in style and with many amenities. Some of the best five-star hotels are Tharroe of Mykonos, Boheme, Nissaki Boutique Hotel, Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge, Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, Anax Resort & Spa, Mykonos Blu Grecotel, Kensho Boutique Hotel & Suites, Cavo Tagoo and Thalassa Boutique Hotel.

Five-star hotels are usually located around Mykonos Town or near the famous sandy beaches of the island. Luxury apartments can be found mainly in Mykonos Town.

Luxury villas for big or small groups

Mykonos Villas is the ideal place to stay for couples, families or groups of friends. You can find small ones with a capacity of 6 guests or big ones with facilities for 30 or more guests. Each bedroom has its own bathroom, and the communal areas are large and comfortable. They usually come with excellent concierge services such as limousines and luxury yachts rental, private chefs, trainers and bodyguards. They are very carefully designed and furnished so that they offer a luxurious and cosy environment to the visitors. They are the top choice for celebrities who want privacy.

Find the perfect location according to your desires

A fact you should consider before booking the accommodation of your dreams is the location. Choose the location of your accommodation carefully: a successful choice will make you enjoy the most during your vacations in Mykonos. Most of the five-star hotels and Villas in Mykonos are located either around Mykonos Town or near the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Villas and rooms near the town

Mykonos Town is the centre of the island’s nightlife. It is also the most convenient place to stay if you plan to walk around, go shopping or spend much time exploring Mykonos’ attractions.
There are a lot of five-star hotels and Mykonos Villas in the town or within walking distance from it. If you don’t mind the busy nightlife noise, go for a villa, a suite or a room in the city. If you prefer a quieter place to stay, pick a hotel or a villa around the town.

Villas by the water

The most idyllic place to stay is a luxury villa next to the sea. You will have an excellent view, and you will be able to go swimming whenever you wish. Most Mykonos Villas are located around the fantastic sandy beaches like Psarou, Paraga, Elia, Platys Gialos, Ornos and Agios Ioannis. They offer a lot of privacy and all the services you will need for a pleasant stay.

If you are planning to move around the island, you should make arrangements in advance for your transportations. A great option would be to rent a limousine or a jeep with an experienced driver. Have in mind that Psarou and Paraga belong to the party beaches of the island so if you are staying too close to the big night clubs you may have to deal with some noise.

Accommodation in a remote place

For those who want even more privacy, there are some excellent villas in remote locations – such as Houlakia beach or near Fanari. Virgin landscapes, serene atmosphere and beautiful views will let you completely relax and rest. Again, you will need to book your transportations, as it will not be easy to move around the island without a car.