How Social Media has Changed Recruitment

How Social Media has Changed Recruitment

Social media has transformed many areas of modern life. It has had an enormous impact on the way in which modern day businesses operate, most notably

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Social media has transformed many areas of modern life. It has had an enormous impact on the way in which modern day businesses operate, most notably on recruitment. When used smartly, social media can be used to find the top talent and make sure that the company is making the right decision when it comes to personnel.

Greater Scope

One of the most obvious ways that social media can be used for recruitment is that it is, essentially, a gigantic catalogue of people. This means that a business can use social media to find people that would be well suited for vacancies without the need to even advertise a job. Not only this, but those that have a strong presence on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook tend to be more knowledgeable about technology and the impact that it has on businesses.


Similarly, one of the great features of social media from a recruitment process is online referrals. This involves people putting others forwards for vacancies that they know of which can help you to find candidates that otherwise you would not have been able to find. You can also have your own employees mention vacancies in your company which will open up the position to those in their network.

Cost Effective

Recruitment can be expensive when you are having to post job adverts or attending job fairs. Social media, meanwhile, can make it much cheaper to find who you are looking for as the profiles are easy and free to set up and recruitment ads are affordable.

Efficient Process

Recruiting via social media can also streamline the recruitment process. This is because it is easy to quickly communicate with potential candidates so that you can determine whether they will be a good fit and arrange interviews. This is ideal if you are looking for short term solution in the form of an interim manager to fill a vacancy while you take time to find the best person for the job in the long term.

Background Checks

One of the main ways that social media has changed recruitment is that it provides employers to look deeper into a potential employees background than you get with a CV and cover letter. Social media allows you to get a clear idea of what the person is like, whether or not there could be any potential problems and whether or not they would be a good fit for the company.

Social media has forever changed the way in which companies recruit. It is an incredibly powerful tool which means that businesses need to be aware of the strengths and dangers of using it. In terms of recruitment, social media can make the recruitment process much easier, quick and more affordable while allowing you to get access to the top talent that you have struggled to reach otherwise.