When Housing Law Solicitors Are Necessary And How To Pick The Best Ones

When Housing Law Solicitors Are Necessary And How To Pick The Best Ones

Housing law can be quite an attractive avenue for solicitors to explore, given that everyone lives somewhere. Plus, the number of disputes around acco

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Housing law can be quite an attractive avenue for solicitors to explore, given that everyone lives somewhere. Plus, the number of disputes around accommodation means that professionals are never short of work.

Given that legal advice and assistance from a solicitor costs money, though, not all clients wish to use them whenever something goes wrong. They prefer to wait until something’s serious enough to require their attention, but what issues meet that criteria?

That’s what this article looks to explore, along with the qualities that set the best housing law solicitors apart from the competition.

What Makes A Great Housing Law Solicitor?

Clients can be spoiled for choice when picking a housing law solicitor. It’s essential to separate the wheat from the chaff to ensure that the service provided is one that offers the most benefits.

Something to look out for is experience. Anyone that’s trained in this profession has the knowledge and understanding to provide essential advice and support for the matters detailed below. However, if this hasn’t been put into practice, it can leave both the solicitor and the client at a disadvantage. That’s why it’s always worth looking to someone with the experience to back up their claims.

Pricing is another crucial element to consider. An excellent solicitor is worth a heftier price tag, but that doesn’t help a client who can’t afford them in the first place. Opting for a solicitor with an amazing rate isn’t always the best thing to do either, though, because the lower price might be tied to inexperience or something similar. The safest thing to do is research who’s out there and select someone that’s affordable who won’t break the bank after one consultation.

Rent Arrears

Failing to miss a payment is always a significant cause for concern. Unpaid bills can lead to the loss of utilities, while not paying the rent could result in eviction.

Most people don’t miss payments for the sake of it but because they have trouble getting the money together. Unfortunately, this isn’t a satisfactory excuse and won’t allow everything to be brushed under the carpet. At best, a tenant might be able to reach a deal with whoever they owe money to. However, this generally only works provided a person acts well in advance to a missed payment.

It’s always in an occupant’s best interests to seek legal advice when they know they can no longer meet their financial expectations. An experienced housing law solicitor can offer a wealth of support, from providing insight into dealing with arrears to showing how best to budget. Obviously, a tenant can seek assistance for this stuff elsewhere, such as using these budgeting tips to try and save money. However, speaking with an actual solicitor is still worthwhile because they can offer support specific to every individual case.

Housing Disrepair

When a tenant rents a property from a landlord, both parties have certain rights and responsibilities. An occupant that intentionally causes extensive damage to the home doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on, giving the owner the right to take action. However, should something break or become faulty from frequent use, it’s generally the landlord’s job to fix it. Failing to do this quickly enough, or to a reasonable degree, puts them in the wrong and gives the tenant the right to seek legal advice.

If this is a first-time offence, the occupant might not deem it necessary to take things further. However, if the owner frequently fails to meet their responsibilities, or the damaged item(s) are a safety hazard, then legal assistance is essential. A solicitor can help file a claim against the landlord to ensure that the problems are resolved and don’t happen again. They can also earn their client compensation, making it worth the legal fees involved.

Eviction And Possession

A landlord can’t expect to kick a tenant out and have them be gone in 24 hours. If they want rid of someone living in their home, they have to provide notice.

Anyone who receives this would do well to seek housing law advice immediately. The more time a solicitor has to create a defence and fight an eviction, the likelier they are to succeed.

Ashwood Solicitors help with housing law advice for any tenants currently in this predicament. Their services also encompass all the issues mentioned here, so whatever advice is required, they have it at their disposal. Whether struggling for money, stuck with a problematic landlord, or facing eviction, their assistance can make all the difference.

Unlawful Eviction

A bad relationship with the landlord can lead them to evict their tenant early. However, if they don’t follow the necessary legal channels when doing this, their actions could be deemed illegal.

Any client that’s unsure whether their eviction was lawful or not should seek legal advice immediately. A solicitor will definitely have a case if the landlord does something like changing the locks or taking back the keys entirely out of the blue. The stronger the case, the likelier a tenant is to regain access to their home and receive compensation for the damages caused. So, it’s definitely worth asking the professionals for help.


When someone has nowhere to go, life can be quite terrifying. It’s estimated that over 200,000 people in the UK alone live on the street, all of whom are at far greater risk of violence and suicidal tendencies. Anyone can end up in this position, but legal representation can make the difference between whether this is a temporary or permanent measure.

Obviously, someone who’s evicted from their home may not have the necessary funds to cover the costs of a solicitor. Fortunately, legal aid is available to ensure that people get the support they need with homeless applications, appeals, and more. Should an application be refused, a great solicitor can also help fight the rejection by submitting a review. However, the window for this is short, which is why it’s necessary to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Neighbour Disputes

No one gets much of a say in the people that live around them. While you can get a feel for the type of neighbours based on what you see during a viewing, house prices in the area, etc., you can never know anything for sure. It’s not until you move in and familiarise yourself with the locals that you discover what they’re truly like.

This doesn’t always work out for the best, with disputes a common thing in any neighbourhood. Sometimes, they require both sides to sit down and settle things, or to simply ignore each other. Other times, though, they can escalate quite significantly, which is when legal assistance might be required.

Great housing law solicitors offer advice and support on dealing with such issues, whether it involves noise, boundaries, anti-social behaviour, or something else. Their involvement can prevent a problem from getting worse and ensure a solution is reached – ideally out of court – that benefits their client.

All of these situations can get out of hand without professional assistance, so no one should hesitate to ask for legal advice if they’re overwhelmed. Housing law solicitors exist to help those struggling with these issues, so leaning on them is always the best idea.