What Makes A Good Surgeon?

What Makes A Good Surgeon?

Surgeons often get a good reputation for being highly skilled and experienced medical professionals. To become a surgeon, you need to complete years o

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Surgeons often get a good reputation for being highly skilled and experienced medical professionals. To become a surgeon, you need to complete years of training and even then, you will never be ready for everything that might come your way. Becoming a surgeon is not easy and not everyone has the skills or personality traits that are required to make this career a success. So, what makes a good surgeon? Read on to hear our thoughts.

Specialist Knowledge

One of the main things that a surgeon needs to have to become good at their job is specialist knowledge. You need to be able to accurately diagnose a patient’s condition and without this training and knowledge, this won’t be possible. A lot of surgeons will specialise in certain kinds of treatments and operations in order to learn the advanced skills required. This is something which usually happens after many years of training.


To be a good surgeon, you need to have the confidence to take risks that will benefit your patients. Sure, you need to make sure that your patients are well-looked after but if you are not willing to take that extra step, you might not ever succeed in what you are doing. Some people are worried that risks could end in more serious consequences, but this is where medical indemnity comes into play. If you haven’t heard of this before, check out this guide to medical indemnity: https://incisionindemnity.com/medical-indemnity-explained/

Leadership Skills

Are you a born leader? Not everyone is born a leader and it is something that can be taught over time with experience. Of course, if you are someone who typically excels at being a leader, you might just be able to prove yourself as a surgeon. When you are working on a patient on the operating table, the team needs to work together in order to get the best possible result. Leadership skills are usually very handy in this kind of situation.

Communication Skills

In the same way that you need to lead your team in surgery, you also need to be able to communicate effectively with them. If there is a lack of communication, an accident could occur. You also need to be able to communicate effectively with the patients and their family members. If you are a good listener and a good communicator, you should find this kind of role suitable for you.

Emotional Resilience

Finally, a good surgeon needs to be someone who has a lot of emotional resilience. In surgery, anything can happen, and you will have to deliver some bad news throughout your time in the role. This requires a lot of emotional resilience and you can’t get too attached to the patients. You will need to discuss options with patients and their families, and this is where this kind of skill can come into play. If you aren’t someone who could cope with this kind of bad news, a role as a surgeon might not be right for you.

Final Verdict

As you can see, surgeons don’t have an easy job and you need a lot of skills to make it in this kind of career. If you do decide to become a surgeon, you will need to complete the many years of training and ensure you have the right kind of insurance in case anything goes wrong. Make sure to consider everything that we have discussed in this article and use this information to make the right decision about your future career. As you might have expected, surgeons deserve all of the respect that they get.