UK Broadband Deals Making The Headlines This Autumn

UK Broadband Deals Making The Headlines This Autumn

It is worth doing some research on the best broadband deals as they will yield great results in days to come. To make things easier, we have rounded u

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It is worth doing some research on the best broadband deals as they will yield great results in days to come. To make things easier, we have rounded up the most lucrative internet plans in the UK you can avail of right now. Whether you are on the lookout for super-fast fibre speeds, something that fits your budget, or a connection that can be extended to multiple devices, we have come up with the best deals offering something to every category of user. The various broadband deals mentioned below can be broadly categorized into three groups – broadband and TV deals which just as the name suggests offers a bundle of television and broadband services, fibre broadband deals which come with a higher price tag and produce faster results and, ADSL which is comparatively slower but the most affordable of the lot.

Currently, Vodafone offers the best broadband deal to UK users. You can avail of the Superfast 2 plan by paying just £24 monthly while enjoying an average 63Mbps speed. They are also offering a £75 Amazon voucher for adding to the satisfaction quotient of customers. When it comes to the internet, a certain section of users like sticking to big names of the industry. But if you don’t have any such fascination, then you can opt for BT’s Fibre 2 plan. This plan available at just £32.99 a month can suffice your browsing needs with an average speed of 67Mbps and also offers a £110 Mastercard for offsetting the cost.

Plusnet presently holds the top position for being the cheapest broadband service provider. If you have an average speed requirement of 10Mbps, then you can secure a neat deal by paying just £18.50. The market is abuzz with providers offering a plethora of broadband deals. This makes it very difficult to find the plan which is best suited to your requirements. While some offer fast speeds, others are famous for bringing down your bills. Below we have listed the USPs of the top broadband service providers in the UK:

  • Sky broadband is popular as the top quad-play provider.
  • Now broadband offers the cheapest service for both TV and broadband.
  • BT broadband is touted as the best all-rounder.
  • Virgin broadband is accredited for the lightning-fast speed it offers.
  • TalkTalk broadband offers affordable internet across multiple categories.
  • Vodafone delivers fibre internet at affordable rates.
  • Plusnet being the cheapest provider of both ADSL and fibre connections.


If you are looking for ways to cut down on your internet expenses, then super-fast fibre broadband might not be your cup of tea. Rather you can consider the slower and cheaper ADSL internet. Broadband speed is denoted in terms of megabits per second or Mbps. An ADSL connection transmits at 0-12Bmps to the closest BT exchange. This is perfect for small households having a maximum of two simultaneous internet users. However, be prepared to experience odd interruptions while streaming videos. You might scan through phone deals and bring home an Apple iPhone model with a brilliant screen and high-performance RAM. But the final results while streaming online content or playing games will depend fully on the speed and strength of your broadband. To be on the safer side it is advisable to opt for 25-50Mbps broadband so that four to five members of your house can download, stream and surf at once. A minimum speed of 50-100 Mbps is required if you have a 4K television at home and tend to stream online content with crystal clear graphics. While it comes with a hefty price tag it is worth the money spent. On searching meticulously, you can find deals packed with extras and rewards which can sweeten your internet browsing experience.