Top Swarovski Christmas Gifts

Top Swarovski Christmas Gifts

The legendary Swarovski brand is celebrating its 125th anniversary. Although the celebrations have been slightly muted due to 2020 being one of the st

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The legendary Swarovski brand is celebrating its 125th anniversary. Although the celebrations have been slightly muted due to 2020 being one of the strangest years in living memory, there is still time to add some sparkle this Christmas season.

Swarovski creates gorgeous and timeless pieces for the special people in your life. On top of exceptional jewellery, they also produce beautiful decorations, to add some shine to your house, including unique home gifts and tree ornaments.

Of course, their jewellery selection is what gets tongues wagging. With so many iconic necklaces, sets of earrings and bracelets – what should you pick? Let’s take a look at what is looking hot for Christmas gifts in 2020.

  1. Attract Pear Ring Set

Wow, this set of two rings is exquisite. The separate bands can be worn on their own, but when combined is when this item sings. In fact, it’s so lovely we’re suggesting as a gift from you to you. You’re bound to receive compliments galore when you wear this enchanting ring. The two bands sit together, the top being a huge drop pear that slides into its crown below. The crystals are so bright that it’s almost blinding. The pictures of the set don’t even do it justice, in this case, seeing is believing.

  1. Fit Wonder Woman Cuff

The most famous jewels of any DC Comics character are undoubtedly the cuffs of Wonder Woman. Feel the power of the bracelet with this rock-solid, gold-tone, mixed metal Wonder Woman cuff,  that will have your wrist glowing with power. Wonder Woman has seen a revival with the new movie ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ growing her fan base even more. She has also made her mark on the video game world featuring in DC Unchained. There is even an online slot at casinos listed as featured brands in casino reviews in 2020 such as William Hill and Betfair casino. Is there nothing that Wonder Woman can’t do? Why not treat someone special to this epic warrior inspired cuff and share the love and the power this Christmas.

  1. Pearl earrings

No jewellery set is complete without the addition of a glistening pearl. In this case, two perfectly formed pearls. The pearls sit on top of simple, glistening white crystals and catch the reflection in an almost regal way. These could make the perfect gift for the more refined woman in your life who has exceptional taste and knows exactly what they want. A glamorous set of earrings that also show class.

  1. Sparkling Dance Dial-Up Pierced Earrings

These striking drop earrings were made to party. Set across three extraordinary fans, this set of earrings isn’t for the faint of heart. We’re talking life and soul of the party. Each fan is packed with glittering white stones for that oh so perfect sparkle, every time they’re worn. You could certainly say that these are statement earrings and even without the usual Christmas bashes this year – the lucky person you buy for will find plenty of occasions to get them out.

  1. Tennis Bracelet

Add some frosting to the wrist of a special woman in your life, whether it is your sister or best friend with the gorgeous tennis deluxe bracelet. This arm candy is perfect for lifting the mood on any occasion and can be worn with most outfits due to its skinny width, which suits both dressed up and down looks. It offers a classic, simple style with its slick clip adding a contemporary edge.

  1. Angelic Round Bracelet

This is the most delicate and elegant bracelet featured in our guide. Its dainty chain is met by a beautifully cut white stone, and a sprinkling of white pave. It features on a sliding closure, so it is easy to adjust and easy to put on by yourself. This one is a special gift that will undoubtedly bring some much-needed cheer to the year. Although simple, there is nothing basic about this gorgeous bracelet. If given as a gift, it will truly show how much you care.

If you’re looking for that extra special gift this year, then why not give the gift of sparkles. Along with the Christmas gift guide, there is lots more to discover with the 125th anniversary underway. Whatever you decide to gift, make sure it shines.