How to Wear Wool in Summer

How to Wear Wool in Summer

‘Wool’ and ‘summer’ might not be the word combination you’d expect to hear in a sentence, but all stereotypes aside, these two can actually go hand in

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‘Wool’ and ‘summer’ might not be the word combination you’d expect to hear in a sentence, but all stereotypes aside, these two can actually go hand in hand perfectly! With the right pieces and styling, wearing wool in summer can be a stylish and practical choice that will come in handy in various settings. From airy merino wool to innovative blends, here is how you can incorporate wool into your summer style.

Wool Blends

Wool blends are a game-changer for summer. In comparison to regular wool, these fabrics are created by combining wool with lighter fibres like cotton, linen, or silk, which makes them breathable and suitable for warmer weather. These blends retain the natural temperature-regulating properties of wool, keeping you cool and comfortable, while the other fibres provide the much-needed lightness to the garment. A breezy shirt made of a blend of wool and cotton can look amazing when paired with a mini-shirt, and it will certainly keep you cool no matter the weather.


Who said you can only wear sweaters in fall and winter? If you choose the right kind, jumpers can be incorporated into your summer outfits perfectly well. Merino wool Irish sweaters are the way to go: known for their fine fibres, merino is incredibly soft, lightweight, and breathable, and such a sweater can keep you dry and comfortable throughout the whole day. This garment works especially well for summer evening outfits, so you can layer it over the crop top that you’ve been wearing for the whole day, pair it with shorts and sneakers, and you’ll get the golden middle ground between comfort and style. You can find your Irish sweater online at Gaelsong and you can rest assured that it will be made of 100% merino wool.


Yes, you’ve heard that right: wool dresses are a thing and they can be a summer wardrobe staple! All you need to do is look for dresses that are made from lightweight wool or wool blends, as they will drape beautifully and allow your skin to breathe. Wool jersey dresses, for instance, offer a flattering fit and are incredibly comfortable too, which is everything you might need from a summer outfit. Perfect for all kinds of looks, such a garment is excellent both for brunch with friends and a formal meeting, and you can pair it with strappy sandals and minimal jewellery to get the ideal minimalistic summer ensemble.

Merino wool is a light material


You might think wool socks are only for winter, but lightweight merino wool socks are perfect for summer. These special socks wick moisture away, preventing sweaty feet and blisters, and their natural odour-resistant properties keep your feet fresh all day long. Such accessories are especially good if you’re going camping or hiking, as they provide excellent cushioning and do wonders on long walks. Choose an ankle or no-show style, wear them with your favourite sneakers or hiking boots, and you’re ready to go explore the summer nature.