Stockport Company Helps with Website Design For Work at Home Lifestyle

Stockport Company Helps with Website Design For Work at Home Lifestyle

This year during these unprecedented times, there has been more focus and time spent on our computers, tablets and smartphones. Whether it has been fr

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This year during these unprecedented times, there has been more focus and time spent on our computers, tablets and smartphones. Whether it has been from online shopping for the latest deals or having a Zoom call with your work colleagues, our digital dependency is incredibly high since the start of the pandemic.

With that being said, the increase in demand should encourage business owners to update their websites and ensure that the site performs at an optimal level for a better user experience.

There has also been a pivotal change in the major increase in the number of people working from home. This has been followed by most businesses having to focus their attention on online platforms in order to stay above their competitors. The companies who are able to adapt and move their business online are the ones who have benefitted from the dramatic increase in online product sales and services.

This article will show you the importance of owning and managing a website during COVID-19 and how you can work from home with a new web design from a Stockport based company providing great service from a business established in 2003.

Brand Recognition Main Source

Due to many businesses temporarily closing their stores during the pandemic, they have had to focus their attention on a website that showcases their representation of the brand. During such tough times, a key way to increase the survival chances of your business. Just remember that everyone has 24/7 access to the internet so even though the physical store may be shut, it doesn’t mean the demand for shoppers would have decreased.

Ease of Access

The days where you can easily browse the shops on the high street have been temporarily put on hold. With any online search engine, you are only a few clicks away from making your next purchase. A business’ popularity can be affected if it is not well represented at every opportunity and this includes having a website appearing heavily on search engines, online directories, review sites and other online business hot spots. In addition, it is very handy to have the business work address, email and phone number visible.

Power of Social Media

The presence of a website makes other marketing strategies a lot easier. The emergence of social media marketing has been popular but being able to link back to a professional website gives the consumer access to more information. You also have the freedom to place social media ads to direct users to a certain product or information in order to get a conversion.

Staying Competitive Amongst the Competition

There is a strong chance that if you don’t have a website, your competitors will do which greatly increases the chances for companies to gain interest and acquire new customers. Now that so many businesses are online and working from home, it is important that no opportunities are overlooked.

Customer Service Online

Websites have gained popularity during COVID-19 as consumers have different ways to communicate with the business whether it is via a phone call, live chat, or by a contact form.

By answering questions from the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sections, you can provide a lot more information, as well as reduce the customer service costs and also save yourself money and time.

In the long term, you can also increase your business credibility on your website through positive customer relations which would allow you to use their testimonials and reviews to put on the website.

Looking to create a new website?

Based in Stockport, Photonflux have been designing websites for businesses since the year 1997 and have knowledge and experience in all areas of modern web design and development, e-commerce, online marketing and site promotion.

Whether this is your first online website project or you need a complete professional re-design including a logo that people will love, their friendly web design digital agency can work with your team to get results that achieve and exceed your online goals.