Start a vegan takeaway business

Start a vegan takeaway business

Setting up a business is a dream many people share. The thrill of creating something and putting it out in the world drives entrepreneurs. With man

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Setting up a business is a dream many people share. The thrill of creating something and putting it out in the world drives entrepreneurs.

With many marketplaces crowded now, it can be hard to choose which type of business to open.

If you are an aspiring restauranteur, a vegan takeaway business might be just the thing to set you apart from the crowd.

The vegan market

The vegan market has boomed in the UK. While the number of people who identify as vegan is still small, many non-vegans seek out vegan food on a regular basis.

Veganism in the UK is worth around £340million a year to the UK economy, with new meat-free brands and products hitting supermarket shelves regularly.

Your target audience

Typically, vegans are younger people. Either Gen-Z or Millennials. You will need to target your vegan takeaway business to this demographic for the best chance of success. Many long-term and life-long vegetarians are now taking up veganism, so you can market towards these customers too.

Food allergies can often lead people towards big diet changes like going vegan. Aim to feature allergy-friendly items on your menu, to cater for customers who often have to forego takeaways due to their allergies.

Setting up shop

There’s plenty to consider when you set up your vegan takeaway business. You’ll need premises near your target customer base so, to target younger vegans, a university town or city might be a good idea.

To make sure your business is protected in case of accidents, you will need comprehensive fast-food business insurance. Take out a policy that covers your property, employees and any delivery vehicles you use.

Marketing your business

No business can thrive without the right marketing. Make sure your new vegan takeaway is seen in the right places by the right people. Your target audience is likely on social media. Set up a great social presence and stay active and communicative with your community on there.

Add your business to app-based delivery services too. You are more likely to get noticed that way than stuffing menus through letterboxes.

More than veganism

When creating your vegan takeaway business, you will need to align your business and brand values as well.

Younger generations, who are more likely to be vegan, are more politically and socially engaged. They often care about social change, the climate crisis and have progressive views. As such, ensure your vegan business speaks to your target audience as a whole. Building these values will inspire loyalty in your customers, which could mean greater success for you.