How you can use GPS Trackers to run taxi fleet business

How you can use GPS Trackers to run taxi fleet business

If you run a taxi business, then you can relate to keeping tabs on multiple vehicles, combing through lots of data to find insights, and scheduling at

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If you run a taxi business, then you can relate to keeping tabs on multiple vehicles, combing through lots of data to find insights, and scheduling at the same time. It’s not an easy job. A taxi fleet runs on efficiency and its success rate can greatly vary depending on how you chose to manage. In this article, we are sharing a surprisingly simple and easy solution to increase profits and improve efficiency for your taxi business.

The benefits of using GPS trackers to manage a taxi fleet

What are GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers are devices that transmit location data to you. Depending on the technology and location, they can be incredibly precise, up to 2 or 3 meters, to almost accurate, up to 10 to 20 meters. In any case, they are built around the core concept of location data and are designed to deliver the most accurate location possible.

There are GPS Trackers for cars, boats, kids, pets, older people, assets, and so on. So, the features and build vary from device to device depending on what purpose it was built for. For instance, a car tracker built for a car may have ignition alarm and speed alarm that notifies you when the vehicle is turned on and crosses a certain speed limit. This, however, may not be required for a personal tracker.

So how are GPS Trackers useful for managing a Taxi fleet?

  • Find out where your vehicles are

It’s the most basic function, yet the most helpful one. When managing a taxi fleet, it’s crucial to know where your vehicles are always. You run your business based on that data and it directly makes or breaks your business model. So, with GPS Trackers installed on your fleet vehicles, it’s easy to know where individual vehicles are. With GPS Trackers, it’s also easy to know whether they are running or not, if the drivers are taking long breaks without informing you, if they are going on routes that was not planned. This way you have better control over the whole operation.

  • Theft protection

We know how valuable each of your vehicles are for you. It’s the lifeblood of your business and it can’t be vulnerable to theft. GPS Trackers are an awesome cost-effective way to ensure car safety. You know if they are travelling where they are not supposed to be, and you also get instant notification when your vehicles start moving without your prior knowledge.

GPS Trackers also helps you to retrieve lost vehicles with precise location data and help you alert authorities in case of a car theft. The accurate data can assist in retrieving the vehicle quickly without causing too much damage.

  • Increase profit by scheduling using heatmap

The data from GPS Trackers can be used to ensure that your business is run more efficiently. If you identify a specific area where more vehicles are scheduled in comparison, then you can assign more vehicles in advance using the prior knowledge of travel history. This allows you to be prepared and gain more profit using data analytics. Similarly, if there’s a specific time of the day when more vehicles are moving, you can also gain insights from the GPS platform and take actions to cater to the demands efficiently.

  • Reduce fuel costs

It goes the same for the running costs too. You can identify which vehicles stay idle for longer periods of time and which vehicles travel the most. This way, you get to manage and reduce the fuel costs, which, by the way, is a major advantage in the taxi business.

How to make sure which GPS Tracker is best for you

You have lots of options when it comes to GPS Trackers. However, you want to check the features and conduct a cost benefit analysis beforehand. See if the tracker has in built battery or if it draws power from the car’s batter. Check if the alert system is efficient and try it out. If you don’t receive instant notifications, it might not be as useful as you had imagined. Similarly, check out the features like Geo-Fencing, speed alarm, travel history, ignition alarm etc. to make sure you will have the proper use of the tracker once purchased. You can also try and use the tracker for day or so, if possible, to see if it fits your need. In any case, we’d recommend you try out devices or explore the features and benefits thoroughly before making an investment.