How to have your hair after a break-up

How to have your hair after a break-up

The list of celebrities that have broken up in 2021 and so far in 2022 is quite long; from Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello after two years of dating,

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The list of celebrities that have broken up in 2021 and so far in 2022 is quite long; from Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello after two years of dating, to Stevie J and Faith Evans divorcing; and then Zayn Malik’s and Model Gigi Hadid’s five year on-off relationship going in no direction. Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd are also heading their separate ways.

Despite the high rate of break-ups in celeb-ville, it is rare to see any of these broken hearted famous folk having a bad hair day, in fact they often step out in front of the cameras looking their best after a break-up.

One celebrity that has had her fair share of break-ups is the character Rachel in Friends played by Jennifer Aniston. Jen has always understood that a great hair cut is a true friend!

A hairstyle can change your entire image, and literally transform you from one person (visually) to the next. But you still have to choose the style that is right for you. One that suits your personality, dress sense, skin tone, face shape and hair type and colour. During the decade that the American sitcom Friends was running, Jennifer Aniston was the envy of so many people – everyone wanted a ‘Jen cut’… but just like everybody else in the world, Jennifer suited some of her styles better than others.

Jen looks best when she has her hair up, or chin length, because she has a square face with a pointed chin, and so the soft long layers around her face soften her face shape. Adding too much volume at the sides of her hair would widen her face, so it is better kept very natural, therefore really complementing her face shape and strong jawline. The side parting also breaks up the squareness of her forehead, and the soft caramel tones in her hair suits her sun-kissed complexion.

Vicki Lord, celebrity hairstylist says, “I honestly feel fab hair is good for us all the time, but after a break-up it can really help someone to move forward. A great hairstyle isn’t magic but I’ve seen so many people improve their situation when they decide to focus on themselves and the positive aspects of their lives… and our hair represents our state of mind and tells the world we care about ourselves.”

Vicki Lord on the Chrissy B Show

Here are three reasons why having a restyle can make you feel better when you are nursing a broken heart or fractured ego – or in many cases both!

  1. If you look good, you feel good! It may seem shallow – but it really is true! And sometimes you need to re-find yourself after a break-up. Re-connecting with yourself and your own identity, not that as one half of a pair.
  2. Going to the hairdresser can make you feel relaxed and the hairdresser chat that we are so commonly known for, can make you feel as though you have a friend… and that you are not alone. The hair washing and styling is so relaxing, and this can be stress relieving – it is almost like having an Indian head massage.
  3. Beware not to do anything drastic with your hair – as going for the chop maybe something you regret. I talk about some safe alternatives to ‘break-up’ hair on the Chrissy B show, so you don’t regret your impulsive hair choices.

Final reminder is to ensure you don’t just choose the latest trend of style, especially when you are in a fragile state after a break-up. Always consider your face shape, skin tone and practicality.

Vicki Lord – Session Stylist