Hair Can Flourish After a Crisis – so Can YOU!

Hair Can Flourish After a Crisis – so Can YOU!

Hair expert and award-winning hairstylist Vicki Lord says hair has an impact on our overall wellbeing, “Hairdressers are often like therapists; we lis

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Hair expert and award-winning hairstylist Vicki Lord says hair has an impact on our overall wellbeing, “Hairdressers are often like therapists; we listen, and we make people look and feel better – this could be during treatment for an illness, or after a break-up, or another difficult situation in someone’s life. When your hair feels and looks great then so do you. Sometimes a hair transformation can transform our thinking.”

Here is a story to inspire others, and to remind us that our hair can improve how we feel about our self and about our life situation.

Jeanette’s Story

Jeanette has suffered some difficult times, and is a survivor of Cancer… like many other people going through a similar thing, she struggled with feeling herself or even recognising herself in the mirror some days.

There was a time when Jeanette had to wear wigs due to her chemotherapy. Some people opt not to do this, but it really is a personal choice. Having the effects of treatment on your physical self can be a sad reminder of what you are experiencing, and these visual aspects can really knock your confidence.

Chemo targets cancer cells, and healthy cells too… and it also destroys hair cells. Within a few weeks of having chemo, hair loss can occur – in patches or completely. The extent of this hair loss depends on the type and duration of treatment.

It is no surprise that when people lose hair that they can be shocked, or have feelings of depression… which can worsen the recovery process. It is a time when a lot of family members and friends need to support their loved one, along with the necessary professional support.


Vicki shares some tips for this sensitive time:

  1. Many people would want to cover their baldness or patches by wearing a turban, scarf, or wig.
    1. Scarves can look very beautiful and you can change the style according to your outfit. They are easy to wear once you get used to tying them and there are so many different ways you can tie a headscarf too. I like the Badu knot: Check out how to tie this on page 90 of Trashion magazine:

The only tricky thing with a headscarf, is it can slip out of place and if you have severe hair loss then it is not easy to secure with grips. Instagram influencer and model Sharon Young was renowned for her silver hair and she has some stylish ways to wear hair, including rocking bald with big earrings and a big smile.

  1. Turbans that are pre-tied can be an easier option than tying a scarf each time you go out or have guests.
  2. There are so many fantastic wigs out there to try; some are synthetic, which are very light to wear or there are more natural looking human hair wigs.
  1. It can take time for hair to return after treatment and so there is likely going to be occasions when you wish to wear a wig. Try on different styles and lengths of wigs to see which one feels comfortable. There are wig apps that you can have fun with too, but once you figure out a look you like, ensure you actually try some on because comfort is key.
  • Opt for a slightly lighter colour wig than your natural hair colour, as the treatment may make your skin tone a little paler than usual. If you choose a darker wig it could make you look washed-out.
  1. Ask a hairstylist for advice and whether they would be able to cut and shape the wig. Cutting wigs is an art in itself, as one snip wrong then the whole wig is ruined! And that’s an expensive mistake to make, so go to a professional.
  2. Hair normally starts to grow back after chemo within a few months, but with very fluffy hair for the first week or two, then it will start to grow back at its normal rate. The new hair may differ from before, some hair will grow back curly or thinner, or even thicker. I’ve had some clients come back to me after treatment and their hair is a completely different colour too.

Jeanette’s hair has grown back beautiful and shiny, but is a little finer than before. She has a round face shape and I wanted to create lots of volume and height at the crown to lengthen the hair and flatter her face shape. You can see Jeanette’s makeover here on the Chrissy B show. I would highly recommend treating yourself to new make-up and some pampering during a time of treatment.

Vicki Lord – Session Stylist