6 Ways to Help Your Toddler Adjust to Moving into Their Own Room

6 Ways to Help Your Toddler Adjust to Moving into Their Own Room

A toddler’s life is full of transitions and moves, and whilst moving from the crib or cot into a big kid bed is often talked about, moving a toddler i

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A toddler’s life is full of transitions and moves, and whilst moving from the crib or cot into a big kid bed is often talked about, moving a toddler into a new bedroom of their own is a common transition in families who are preparing to welcome a new brother or sister. If your toddler is used to sleeping close to you, the transition into their own room will not always be an easy one. So, here are some top tips to make it as fun and stress-free as possible for both of you.

Make it a Gradual Transition

As long as the new baby still hasn’t arrived, there’s no need to move your toddler into their own room immediately. It’s a good idea to start as early as possible in your second pregnancy, to give your little one plenty of time to adjust before their new sister or brother is here. This will also help to make sure that the transition is complete long before their new sibling arrives and help you avoid any feelings of jealousy from your toddler. You can find everything that you need to prepare for the transition here with a range of single mattresses from Casper to look at, along with bed frames, pillows, bedding, and other accessories for your Casper single mattress.

Make it Super Comfortable

Making the room super comfortable and appealing to your little one will help them get a great night’s sleep every night and make the entire transition easier as a result. The mattress that you choose for their bed, for example, is really important as this is what’s going to be supporting them from their first night in their ‘big kid room’ throughout the next few years.

Check out Casper single mattress options to give your toddler the best start when it comes to sleeping supported and comfortably through the night. The contour cuts of the Casper mattresses allow hips and shoulders to sink in so that the spine is aligned during sleeping, and the breathable memory foam will allow your little one to sleep at a comfortable temperature.

Make a Big Deal Out of It

Making your toddler’s new ‘big kid room’ into a massive, exciting deal before the transition will get them hyped up for all the right reasons. It’s a good idea to let them help you get the new room ready; little things such as putting high quality wooden toys to put in their room, which bedding to lay on their bed, and even choosing new decorations and colours for the room are all massive deals for a toddler who’ll be thrilled to have so much control over their new room. And, focus heavily on the positives of the new room – for example, talk about how much more space to play your toddler is going to have, or how grown up they are going to be with their own room.

Keep the Bedtime Routine the Same

When a toddler is making the transition over into a new bedroom, it’s important to try and keep their routine as much the same as possible, so that they don’t become overwhelmed with several different changes. This isn’t the time to start switching things up when it comes to bathtime and bedtime, as your toddler will adjust better to their new surroundings when they understand what is going to happen next.

Minimize the Changes

If your toddler doesn’t deal well with change, then it’s a good idea to keep any changes that you make as minimal as possible. For example, moving to a new room often seems like the best opportunity to move your little one from their cot or crib into a bed, but only do so if you think that they are ready for the change. In some cases, it’s easier for toddlers to adjust to their new room if they are at least in a crib or cot that they are used to; so if your toddler isn’t ready for a bed just yet, simply move their crib into the new room to help them get used to the transition.

Celebrate the Switch

Making small changes is definitely a cause for celebration when it comes to the life of a toddler, and most little ones love nothing more than an excuse to throw a bit of a party. Once the big kid bedroom is complete and they’ve successfully moved in, throw a small party for your family to celebrate the change and help to add more excitement and fun to the entire transition. This could be something as small as a fort party in the room as a family, or a little get-together with aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your toddler a trinket to reward them for adjusting to such a big change such as a new cuddly toy for their bed.

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