How Covid-19 changed the face of UK beauty

How Covid-19 changed the face of UK beauty

More than two years on from the outbreak of Covid-19, it is now evident which pandemic trends seem set to stay. Unsurprisingly, the popularity of onli

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More than two years on from the outbreak of Covid-19, it is now evident which pandemic trends seem set to stay. Unsurprisingly, the popularity of online video calls has dropped dramatically this year as we return to our normal routines, but many of the mini lifestyle revolutions have left a permanent mark. Our renewed interest in nature, and an increased desire to protect it, is one of the positive shifts in perception that has gone the distance. In the same vein, the prioritisation of our own personal wellbeing is only going from strength to strength.

This need to nourish our body and mind has obviously impacted upon our attitudes towards beauty. Where once people were invested in heavy make-up and strict grooming regimes, in 2022 the focus has been on a natural appearance and products that help us to exude health rather than conceal flaws. There is no doubt that the UK beauty industry is bouncing back from the prolonged salon closures during 2020 and 2021, but do consumers want the same treatments that they sought pre-pandemic? Discover the latest trends in UK beauty and how those working in the beauty business should transform their offering to keep up with the new demands.

Healthy Skin

With wellbeing front of mind, consumers have now adopted an ‘inside outside’ approach to skincare. Treatments should therefore centre on the core condition of our skin rather than just delivering the illusion of health. For example, where clients would previously have indulged in expensive make-up to cover up blemishes, now they would rather spend this money on removing the blemishes completely.

Facials, especially those tailored to different skin types, are bound to be highly sought-after. In addition to the classic facials that are enduringly popular, more modern styles such as HydraFacials and micro-needling and the use of LED lights is on the rise.

That is not to say that all traditional skin treatments are ‘out’. For example, consumers are still seeking tanning treatments for an attractive glow, but make sure that you provide protection for the skin by using tan accelerators which will help to boost hydration and ensure a longer-lasting finish.

Less is More

From heavily-styled hair in 2019 to a completely authentic look during the pandemic, the 2022 hair trend sits somewhere in the middle. Think ‘perfectly natural’. Use lightweight products and styling techniques to hone the hair’s natural behaviours into a look that screams effortless beauty. The desire for a dewy glow is not just limited to our skin – consumers are also infatuated by the slick-backed hair which walked the latest runways.

When it comes to colour, neutral is in, with mushroom brown hair winning the shade of the season. However, as autumn approaches, celebrities have started rocking a copper colour which is sure to win the hearts of consumers. To ensure that dyed hair appears natural, use a variety of almost-matching shades which will also help to add depth to the style. Consumer demand for balayage has now been surpassed by the reawaken 90s trend of money piece highlights – lightening the thick strands of hair which frame the face to help features pop without overusing make-up.