A Guide to Reducing Your Energy Bills

A Guide to Reducing Your Energy Bills

After two decades into the Twenty-First Century we are finally waking up to the environmental cost of our energy consumption and that awareness is mak

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After two decades into the Twenty-First Century we are finally waking up to the environmental cost of our energy consumption and that awareness is making us all much more conscious of the ways in which our homes use energy.  New green technology now gives us the opportunity to buy clean energy but there is still a financial and environmental need to continue to reduce our consumption.  Here are some tips to help you reduce your energy consumption and pay less for the energy you use.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to root out all those old light bulbs and recycle them.  Energy saving bulbs are more expensive to buy initially but they will save you around £55 over the lifetime of each bulb.

Investigate the grants available to make your home more energy efficient

The government ‘energy grants calculator’ will help you work out if you are eligible for Winter Fuel Payment or the Warm Home discount scheme.  Grants are also available from energy suppliers, local councils and other sources.

Use less – spend less

There are lots of small ways by which collectively you can save significant amounts of money each year.  You and your family need to be aware of energy consumption and develop energy-saving habits.  Always switch off lights when you are not in the room and open blinds and curtains to make the most of natural light.  Don’t use electrical appliances indiscriminately and always unplug them when not in use.  Appliances, such as chargers, which are left on standby, continue to consume energy.  Electric kettles burn a lot of energy so only fill them with as much water as you need.  The same rationale applies to take a bath, it is much cheaper to take a shower and it uses less water too.  Turn your heating down and wear a jumper, it’s healthier.


If your home is not insulated, then your heat is going straight through the roof.  If you live in an older property which does not have double glazing use heavy lined curtains to minimise heat loss in the winter.  Draft excluders fitted to doors and windows will also help eliminate drafts and keep your home warmer.

Switch Energy Providers

Energy prices are changing all the time, so it makes sense to get the most competitive price for the energy you buy.  There are around eighty suppliers competing in the energy market and it takes just two minutes to compare energy prices using a comparison service.  The biggest savings are to be made when you switch your gas and electricity to the same supplier, where a saving can be made 40% of people could get a saving of £285 on their dual fuel energy costs.  When switching provider your new supplier will sort everything for you with no interruption to your energy supply, and switching dual fuel is no more difficult than switching single suppliers.