A Guide To Organising Winter Events 

A Guide To Organising Winter Events 

As the weather is swiftly changing and winter is upon us, it brings a whole new season full of festivities and traditions. With upcoming events such a

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As the weather is swiftly changing and winter is upon us, it brings a whole new season full of festivities and traditions. With upcoming events such as bonfire night and Christmas coming up, there’s going to be a surge in outdoor winter events. From skate rinks to firework displays, if you’re planning on hosting large scale events for any winter activities, you’re in the right place. 

This guide created by SRP Hire Solutions can help you get your enter events organised in no time. There are a few things you’re going to need to look after those attending your outdoors event.


As the clocks go back and the nights close in, lighting becomes more essential. Winter events usually take place in the dark as the sun sets at around 4pm. This is why making sure there is adequate lighting at your event is important as you don’t want people to not be able to see properly. Additionally, lighting would add a lovely ambience to your winter event, making it more appealing. 


Another vital area to consider are toilets. When organising any event, you’re going to need an area for people to use the bathroom, especially when the event is outdoors. This is why it’s important to hire portable toilets for your event. Having a designated area for people to use the bathroom will make those attending feel more comfortable. 

Not to mention it is an important health and safety regulation, people need access to toilets. You can choose from porta-loos or more luxurious toilets, depending on your event. 


Making sure your guests are sheltered during an outdoor event is essential. After all, in the winter, you don’t want your event ruined by the unpredictable elements. If you’re organising an ice rink for example, it’s important that you find adequate shelter that covers the entire rink. This is for safety reasons, as well as keeping attendees dry and comfortable. 

Hiring a big tent or gazebo that covers an area is ideal. This is where people can shelter and keep dry, which is important in the cold winter months. 


When organising an outdoor event in the winter, there’s important health and safety regulations you need to carry out. First of all, you’re going to need to set up some temporary fencing to keep people away from dangerous areas. For example, if you’re hosting a large bonfire night event where there will be fireworks, you need to fence this area off. There needs to be enough space in between the bonfire and the attendees for the show to be truly safe.

Another thing to do is to grit the grounds. If it has been snowing and the ground is now covered in sleet, you must grit the grounds with sand to prevent people from falling. Accidents are bound to happen without taking the proper precaution. When it comes to outdoor winter events, you need to be extra careful.

We hope you found this guide to organising events in the winter helpful. Thank you for reading.