A Buyers’ Guide for Home Lift Systems

A Buyers’ Guide for Home Lift Systems

Installing a lift is great way to keep a home accessible for the elderly or disabled, or just to create ease of movement while adding value. Whatever

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Installing a lift is great way to keep a home accessible for the elderly or disabled, or just to create ease of movement while adding value. Whatever your motivation for this upgrade is, you are going to want to do you due diligence so that you understand not only the different options available to you, but which one best suits your needs, as they vary from buyer to buyer. Creating a list of the pros and cons of each type will map out for you what the soundest investment is. It is specifically important to recognize that with the different types comes not only different costs, but different installations as well. Knowing ahead of time what you are up against as it pertains to installation will save you time and money on the back end.


Where in your home do you want your lift to go? This is the first question that needs answering since based off the location that you select; some types will no longer be options. Read through a useful home lift guide and familiarize yourself with the limitations of certain locations. If you are incorporating a lift into an existing home that also makes a difference as opposed to those buyers who are planning to install one in a new build. Think long term and flesh out any possible limitations you might face as you grow older in your home. Spending the time and money now to have a lift installed that can function through many obstacles is a bigger use of your research time and financial resources.

Associated Costs

The initial purchase and install are going to be one solid sticker price, but what about maintenance and repairs? A useful guide will be able to compare for potential buyers all the ongoing costs associated with the different types. Depending on your location, you might also have a fee associated with simply getting the lift from the manufacturer to your residence that you will be responsible for. It’s important to map out the long-term costs associated with residential lifts so that you do not alter the state of your home for something you cannot afford to maintain.


Arguably the most important thing to consider when selecting the home lift model that is most suitable for you is safety. Power failure, and product malfunctions can all affect the safety of this machines and as a consumer it is important to read up on how to troubleshoot any technical issues that might be associated with the model you select. Possibly the entire motivation for adding a lift system to your home is to provide peace of mind, and that will fall by the wayside if your initial purchase is not with an accredited manufacturer or vendor. Follow the tips in a useful home lift guide and read reviews and ratings associated with your vendor of choice. Feeling comfortable in the skills of the company doing the installation is essential because once they leave you are on your own to operate this machinery and if it was not installed correctly you may never find out until you discover it the hard way.