5 Steps to Selecting the Ultimate Outdoor Oasis: Your Veranda Awaits!

5 Steps to Selecting the Ultimate Outdoor Oasis: Your Veranda Awaits!

Ah, the veranda - that blissful outdoor retreat where hazy summer afternoons were made for whiling away with a crisp lemonade and riveting read. As so

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Ah, the veranda – that blissful outdoor retreat where hazy summer afternoons were made for whiling away with a crisp lemonade and riveting read. As someone who once scorned these glorified porches as relics of a bygone era, I can now admit to being forever converted to the veranda evangelist camp. Because trust me, folks, once you’ve experienced the unparalleled comfort and serenity of your own private outdoor living room, you’ll never go back to the indoors-only life.

However, there’s an art to designing the veranda of your dreams – one that seamlessly extends your interior aesthetic while providing all the right creature comforts. I may have learned that lesson the hard way after a few misguided “veranda-izing” attempts over the years. But with these simple steps, even patio planning novices can craft an outdoor oasis worthy of the starriest summer nights!

Step 1: Establish the Purpose

Wendy’s operative word when selecting and designing your veranda is PURPOSE. As in, what atmosphere are you ultimately aiming to cultivate? Peaceful sanctuary for enjoying your morning meditations or midday book club meetings? Prime party deck for clinking margarita glasses late into the evening? Cosy family room flowing from the interior with room for TV viewing and rambunctious pillow fights?

Determining your desired vibe and primary use cases will help dictate the scale, layout, and amenities required to make your veranda at tuinmaximaal dreams a reality. It’ll also give you a jumping off point for envisioning complementary colour palettes, textures, and decorative touches to set just the right scene. So start by simply asking yourself how you most want to feel in your future outdoor retreat.

Step 2: Prioritize Your Must-Have Features

Whether your veranda vision involves sweeping staircases and dramatic fire features or more modest built-in planter boxes to bring the greenery indoors, there’s bound to be that list of aspirational must-haves you simply can’t envision your ultimate setup without. Hey, I get it – for me, those gorgeous wood-plank ceilings and oversized wicker chairs were absolute non-negotiables. But while indulging your personal patio wants is part of the fun, it’s also helpful to know which features are more “like to haves” versus necessities to prioritize for your budget and space parameters.

So write it all down, separate your wants into hierarchy order, and then start pricing out projected costs and spatial impacts for each line item. Some professional design renderings at this stage can help visualize the bigger picture. You might find that your number one dream fireplace will eat up too much precious square footage and the super fancy pergola really isn’t worth blowing your whole budget over. Prioritizing is key!


Step 3: Intimately Understand Your Lot

That show stopping veranda setup you envied from your neighbours or drooled over on Instagram or Pinterest? Well, unless you happen to be cloning their precise property dimensions, layouts, and environmental factors, there’s a chance that identical floor plan won’t translate into your dream getaway. Nope, the first step towards veranda nirvana is building an intimate awareness of your own lot’s topology, natural lighting patterns, drainage conditions, zoning regulations and overall site limitations.

Start with those ultra-flattering architectural diagrams and concept sketches to get a clear sense of necessary setbacks, property boundaries, and natural obstacles like mature trees and elevation changes you’ll need to accommodate. Even functional factors like convenient access points and nearby utility locations can pose constraints you’ll want to be mindful of during the visioning process rather than scrambling to troubleshoot down the line. Doing an afternoon sun study doesn’t hurt, either! Nothing beats understanding every single quirk of your precise location.

Step 4: Scout Materials and Furnishings

In my humble veranda-hopping experience, the materials and finishes you select for your outdoor oasis can make or break the overall mood. So don’t flirt with that wicker bistro set just yet! I recommend first exploring all the venues your options, gathering samples, swatching colours and determining an overall palette that complements your interior style while standing up to the elements.

Should you go for a crisp, modern flair with powder-coated aluminium frames and sleek porcelain tiles underfoot? Or would you prefer the rustic warmth of classic cedar with pops of seasonal greenery trickling down artistic trellises? I’m personally a sucker for those dreamy outdoor drapery designs, but the intricacies of polishing off structural posts and trims to that reclaimed wood perfection? Also key to nailing that “old world” ambiance. No detail is too small on the road to veranda supremacy!

Step 5: Consider Comfort and Maintenance

Last but certainly not least, take a big step back to honestly assess your comfort and maintenance priorities as they relate to your veranda game plan. Because while nobody wants to burst those breezy backyard Eden bubble with practicalities, you also don’t want to end up with a space that looks phenomenal but feels like torture to actually exist in.

For instance, as much as I loved the aesthetic of an uncovered veranda entry, there was simply no getting around the scorching summer afternoon sunlight drenching that facade. Installing a few well-placed shade solutions was a must. Creature comforts like fans, misters, space heaters and clever outdoor A/V systems can also elevate an otherwise underutilized veranda. And let’s not forget cleaning and repairs! As seductive as those elaborate masonry designs were, our bustling household realistically needed fuss-free, low-maintenance materials to keep the space guest-ready.

At the end of the day, the perfect veranda should strike that elusive balance between indulgent oasis and functional living area. By checking these critical boxes during the planning phases, your dream of private outdoor sanctuary bliss can absolutely become a well-appointed reality. No cramped, inhospitable verandas here – just joyful, livable elegance for all your future backyard soirees, serene happy hours and memory-making to come!