6 Tips On How You Can Keep Home Development Projects On Track

6 Tips On How You Can Keep Home Development Projects On Track

Project managers not only need to ensure home development projects are built to the highest possible quality, but they must also make an effort to try

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Project managers not only need to ensure home development projects are built to the highest possible quality, but they must also make an effort to try and avoid setbacks and keep building projects on track to finish on time. To help you out, we have come up with some tips in our guide on how project managers can try and keep home development projects on time and avoid any setbacks.

Focus on People Management

The project manager has to manage the project on a day-to-day basis. There may be many employees and contractors working on a site from a range of different companies. Therefore, competent people management skills allow project managers to keep home building projects on track and not fall too far behind schedule.

To get development projects built on time, project managers have to supervise the people carrying out the work, including potentially managing architects, planners, builders, electricians, plumbers, heating engineers, bathroom fitters, etc. Managing people on a site isn’t solely about maximising your workforce’s output and making sure they build as much as possible every day. Project Managers also have to deal with any concerns/queries from workers on-site, providing the site with 24/7 security and coping with staffing issues such as holidays and punctuality. Communicating well with employees and keeping your standards high by not allowing things such as lateness to fester and become a constant major issue are crucial to keeping home development projects on track.

Manage Workflow On-Site Effectively

Project managers must ensure employees on-site use their time efficiently and are productive during their work hours. Project managers must work hard to avoid workers on-site wasting time as much as possible. Project managers may want to use Workflow Management Software to monitor staff performance levels. Carrying out Workflow Management helps automate your processes and provides a set sequence for tasks.

Attention to Detail is Everything

Many different things go into building a collection of new homes on a development site, and the smallest of things can set back a home development project. Stay on top of the issues within your remit as project manager as much as you possibly can.  For example, is one of the plumbing companies you have hired for the site taking far too long to sort the plumbing systems for the homes out? Then perhaps it could be a wise idea to hire the services of another more reliable plumbing firm. As a project manager on a site, it’s your job to delve into the details when trying to get a home development built on time instead of skimming over them.

Hire Reliable Professionals to Carry Out the Land Surveys During the Planning Stage

When building an extensive housing development, a vital part of the planning process is getting land surveys done to further look at the land you’re considering building on. The land surveys will tell the property developer crucial things, such as is the soil under the development strong enough to have homes built on it? Will the development harm local habitats and wildlife? What are the levels of radon radiation in the local area? And ultimately whether residents on the development will feel safe living there. If, through investigations and ecological surveys, it’s clear your development will disrupt and pose a risk to local natural habitats and wildlife, your planning permission may get turned down as a result by the local planning authority. To get an ecology survey done fast by a trusted team of experts that enables you to crack on with a building project on your chosen plot of land as soon as possible, you may want to check out Ecology Surveys. Get in touch, and the company will provide you with a fair price on a quote for a habitat regulations assessment. Trust in the professional opinions of experienced ecological surveyors.

Keep a Strong Grasp of Time Management

In the planning stage before commencing building work for a new housing development project, Project managers need to have an accurate idea of the timescale it should take to reach important building milestones for the development. For instance, knowing how long it will take to build the lift elevator system for the building and install heating and air ventilation systems in all the new homes.

Suppose a Project manager takes their eye off the ball and adopts an overly liberal approach to time management and getting building tasks done on time. In that case, the home development project will most likely find itself quickly falling behind schedule and end up missing its original deadline date for completion. Are you a project manager who is thinking about how you could improve your time management skills? Embracing the latest workforce management technology and perhaps going on a time management course are probably good ideas to help you make sure the home development projects you are overseeing end up being completed on time.

Try and Remain Honest with People

Staying honest and keeping your professional integrity are crucial parts of being a successful project manager. Although it may be disappointing that you have to go and inform homebuyers that they will now not be able to get the keys and move into their homes until a much later date in the future, honestly really is the best policy.

At all costs, you must avoid lying and providing homebuyers and anyone involved in the building project for the development with false hope about the date when it will all be completed. Have you recently learned that the home development project will be delayed and not ready until later than initially thought? Speak genuinely and sincerely about the revised date for the completion of the development with those involved in the project and the new residents whom it will affect. Project Managers must learn how to make effective decisions on the spot and be adaptable at work. Experiencing delays and setbacks is quite commonplace in housing development projects, and project managers need to be prepared on what actions they may take in the event of a project falling behind deadlines.