5 lifestyle products you simply couldn’t buy 5 years ago

5 lifestyle products you simply couldn’t buy 5 years ago

A lifestyle brand is simply a company that markets its products or services to serve the interests, opinions and attitudes of a certain group or cultu

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A lifestyle brand is simply a company that markets its products or services to serve the interests, opinions and attitudes of a certain group or culture. Such brands aim to inspire, motivate and guide people while bettering their lives. The goal of a lifestyle product is to contribute to the definition of the way we live life.

Consider the things you can’t live without; for some people with this will be their friends and family, for others it will be sports and for some, it will be music. It may even be a mixture of the three! Thanks to modern advances in technology, lifestyle products are now available in abundance to help alleviate the daily toils of life.

Smart home

Remember marvelling at sci-fi movies when you were younger and longed for a house that you could talk to? Or clap to turn out the lights? Well, thanks to the smart home, that’s now possible! Alexa is able to perform a number of simple tasks such as playing music, playing games and providing you with a briefing of the most important and current headlines. You can even ask Alexa how long it would take you to get to work in current traffic.

However, more impressively, you can ask Alexa to lock the doors, adjust the heating and dim the lights, as well as being able to control numerous other smart home devices. Now, you no longer have to argue about who has to get up and turn the lights off… Alexa will perform all these tasks for you.

Blue light glasses

Okay, so as convenient and as helpful and entertaining as modern technology is, it’s not so great for the mind or eyes. The average office worker spends a staggering 1,700 hours per year in front of a computer screen, and that’s not even including the time we spend staring at our phones!

Unfortunately, exposure to the blue light waves emitted by computers and our phone screens can keep us awake while also causing us to strain our eyes. Thankfully, blue-light blocking glasses have filters in their lenses that block or absorb blue and UV light from getting through.

Vape pens

While e-cigs were available five years ago, they certainly were’’t of the same capacity they are nowadays. It’s well known that vape pens, like those available from reputable brands such as VSAVI, are able to help those addicted to cigarettes switch to a healthier alternative – with over 35,000 doctors worldwide claiming that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.

There’s no tar, ash or combustion associated with vaping, hence those switching to a vape experience health benefits similar to being smoke-free. Such benefits include better skin health, oral hygiene, lung capacity, circulation and even an improved sense of smell and taste.

Metal straws

Metal straws are a simple, yet revolutionary concept. The dangers that plastic straws pose to the environment and in particular marine life were made well known in 2019, and rightly so. When ingested, plastic particles are highly toxic to marine life and can even clog the gills of fish or choke animals that may have mistook the straw for food.

This led to many global giants such as McDonalds rolling out paper straws across their UK branches. While this was great news for the environment, consumers could not help being annoyed at the limpness of the paper straws. Metal straws are eco-friendly, easy to clean, hygiene and unique – they’re sturdy and won’t harm the turtles!


The smartwatch is another amazing concept that many of us now struggle to live without. As well as being a standard watch, it’s also able to act as your personal assistant, can playback music, act as a bank card, track your movement – whether it be a swim  jog or run – therefore delivering an overview of your physical activity. Should you be in an unfamiliar place, it’s able to act as a navigator and if you’re not able to reach your phone, messages will flash up on the face.