11 Strategies That Can Help Your Business Create A Positive Impact This Year

11 Strategies That Can Help Your Business Create A Positive Impact This Year

As a business owner, you have the chance to influence a large number of people, so it makes sense that you would want the impact you have on these peo

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As a business owner, you have the chance to influence a large number of people, so it makes sense that you would want the impact you have on these people to be positive. It is important to consider how you allocate your resources, such as your time, money, and public presence in a way that might inspire people to do things or support causes they might not have heard about otherwise. If you factor in the urgent need to take action on many of the problems we face nowadays, sometimes changing the world for the better may look overwhelming. Today we will explore a few useful strategies that can help your business start creating a positive impact.

  1. Take Responsibility

At times, your company might find itself in a difficult situation or some type of controversy that could potentially damage its reputation. As a result, your public relations team will have a lot to deal with. The best strategy in this case is to take full responsibility for the actions that were your fault and sincerely apologise for them. It is crucial to show your customers and business partners that you regret the unfortunate events that have occurred. You should emphasise that you will strive to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. There are many customers who will be willing to forgive you, if you own up to your actions.

  1. Improve Sustainability

All around the world, businesses are implementing strategies to reduce their carbon footprints and make a positive impact on the environment. If you are looking to become a future-fit leader and make your business more sustainable, you may consider signing up for the Business Sustainability Management online short course from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Business management short courses are a great way to develop a good understanding of both business and sustainability. Moreover, obtaining a sustainability certificate online can help you demonstrate that you are ready to pioneer meaningful change throughout your organisation. You will also define and explore opportunities for value creation so that you can ensure sustainable business management.

  1. Donate To Meaningful Causes

You can donate to important causes that you want your company to support. There are various charities and organisations that you can support, depending on the values that you wish to express to the public. For example, you may want to choose a charity that you would donate to in your personal life. Alternatively, you can select a different charity based on the public perception that you want to create for your business. Either way, it is important to spread the word so that your customers can also get involved.

  1. Treat Employees With Respect

The way you treat your employees can have a major effect on how the public perceives your business. If you treat your employees poorly, they are likely to share their experiences with their friends and family, as well as on social media. As a result, before you know it, your public reputation and chance of creating a positive impact might be ruined. It is crucial to always treat your employees with respect and ensure that they are happy and motivated. Focus on creating a comfortable workplace and offering them additional benefits.


  1. Introduce Remote Working

If you are looking for a way to reduce the effects commuting can have on your business’s carbon footprint, introducing remote working and flexible working patterns can be the right next step. This strategy will help you significantly cut the commute. Whether in part or in full, it will reduce carbon emissions, as well as overall office waste. Moreover, the time employees can save by not having to commute can have a great effect on their mental health and wellbeing. You may consider introducing a hybrid work model, which can combine remote work with coordinated office work, allowing your team to balance work and life responsibilities.

  1. Provide Mental Health Support

Mental health support is more than making sure that your employees can achieve a healthy work-life balance. Instead, creating a positive impact on their mental wellbeing should be a continuous effort. This means that you should foster a supportive and celebratory workplace culture, which shows your employees that they are valued. For example, it might be beneficial to encourage staff members to talk about personal and work-related issues that have recently arisen. It is important to free some time in the work schedule and provide them with a safe space where they will feel comfortable sharing.

  1. Support Your Community

This strategy is especially important for businesses in tightly-knit communities. It is essential for businesses to support these communities, even if that might mean supporting competing businesses. Look for ways to support the community around you by promoting local theatre productions, events, festivals, and anything else that your community may be involved with. Participating in the day-to-day activities of the people in your community will help you humanise your business. You may also be able to run business promotions alongside local events.

  1. Enhance Your Social Media Presence

It is also crucial to hire an experienced social media manager, who can help you manage your online presence and cultivate the image you want to present. There are many trends and causes that often gain traction on social media. This means that your social media manager should be aware of the types of causes that your business should get involved with. For example, if your business wants to show support for a certain minority group, this can be done on social media. Although many causes gain popularity during certain months, you should strive to continue showing your dedication all year round.

  1. Use Upgraded Technology

Using upgraded technology can help you implement many strategies to create a positive impact. For instance, social media is only available on digital technology and most people will only hear about news and promotions over the internet. The best part about technology is how easy it can make communication, both interpersonal and between your company and customers. If customers have a direct line of communication with a business, they are more likely to listen to what a company has to say on various issues.

  1. Develop Your Confidence

Remember to stick to your plan, as you are the one who knows what is best for your business. It is important to be prepared for any adverse reactions you might receive in some cases. This shouldn’t deter you from doing what you genuinely think is the best move. As a result, this will build your confidence and inspire you to make more changes for the better. At times you might receive legitimate and well-thought out criticism, which means you may need to rethink your strategy.

  1. Build Reputation Outside Of Your Company

Last but not least, you should never forget that your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Consequently, to create a positive impact, you should focus on striving for change outside of your business as well. This might involve building relationships with fellow change-makers or entering into a partnership with Business PR agency.