Why Should You Learn Self Defence?

Why Should You Learn Self Defence?

Self-defence is more than using your skills to defend yourself effectively while depriving your opponent of the possibility of further attack. It is a

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Self-defence is more than using your skills to defend yourself effectively while depriving your opponent of the possibility of further attack. It is an awareness of the threat. It is not an art to get into a fight or to be provoked.

In today’s world, there is a lot of talk about the dangers you may face, on the move or on a daily walk.

How to deal with it?

One way to do this is to train and learn how to defend yourself, which will not only make you feel more confident but also allow you to discover new forms of physical activity. You don’t have to be afraid that you will meet strong and muscular men during the training, because there are special self-defence training for women. Okay, well, but what is this self-defence? – It is the quickest way to overpower an attacker when our life and health is in danger.

There are various overpowering techniques derived from many types of martial arts. Assertiveness also plays a very important role, which means that nobody has the right to cross your borders and you have the right to defend them. there are many methods that science can allow you to defend yourself effectively, and at the same time work on your self-confidence and perseverance. Learning to defend yourself can not only improve your physical endurance but above all show, that you and your goods are the most important and no one has the right to change or damage it!

Don’t be afraid of self-defence. Self-defence is not only about using a tool that will allow us to escape from an attacker. By this, we should mean ensuring safety, i.e. isolating ourselves from the aggressor. This is what women who experience violence from their partner often do not do. Women should be aware that they can even be attacked by friends. It is not only strangers you meet on an empty street that pose a potential threat.

Let us not be afraid to talk about it out loud. We can effectively protect ourselves against attackers with available means that do not require a permit. The object chosen for self-defence must be commensurate with the object we have been attacked. There are weapons available on the market that we can easily buy and possess legally. However, you need to know how to use any type of weapon. It is advisable to take a course in advance or watch the instruction and test the agent of your choice.

Below are most useful and best gadgets for self-defence:

Pepper spray

Pepper spray is a cheap and effective means of self-defence. It occurs in two forms – a cloud of gas and gel. The gel is more precise and safer for the thrower (there is no fear that the gas will be directed by the wind towards the victim). After using the gas, remember not to rub your eyes. Some throwers are camouflaged – they resemble a key ring or lipstick. Pepper gases are completely legal self-defence tools that you can buy on presentation of your identity card – although the law does not specify that pepper gases are only available to adults.

The Weapons and Ammunition Act does not list them as weapons, so no regulations restricting their availability or imposing penalties for possession of these substances apply to them. This is due to the fact that pepper gases are used exclusively for self-defence and are characterised by a relatively high level of safety – not only for the victim of the attack, but also for the attacker himself.

The safest place to buy pepper gases will be, among others, detective shops and arms sellers – their owners make every effort to ensure that their products guarantee the highest quality and come from trusted manufacturers. Of course, there may be a shortage of such points in smaller towns, and then it is worth taking advantage of the offer of online shops, which also allow for discreet shipping for their customers. Under no circumstances should you buy gases from accidental distributors – in this case you have no certainty that the purchased substance will actually work in a dangerous situation.

Paralytic converter

The electric stun rod is recommended by specialists as often as pepper gas. The device is highly effective and safe to use (we will not be electrocuted). The stun rod will not cause any harm to the attacker, but will overpower him for a moment. Efficiency is a big advantage – the current will even pass through a thick jacket. The device also emits the sound of sparking, which is often enough to deter the attacker.

The stun rod for self-defence is legal and also available without a gun permit. Art. 11 point 7 of the Law on Weapons and Ammunition states that a permit for weapons is not required in the case of possession of objects intended to incapacitate persons by means of electricity with an average current value not exceeding 10 mA perimeter. Traditional stun guns have a head with two protruding pins, equipped with special electrodes emitting high voltage but low current. If we apply both of these electrodes to the attacker’s skin or clothing, the current flow circuit will be closed.

Thus, a charge between 20,000 V and 1000,000 V will pass through his body – depending on the model of the stun rod purchased. This will disrupt the neurological impulses, which will result in the complete immobilization of our opponent. Such tension is completely safe for a healthy person’s life, so that we do not have to fear that we will cause him/her permanent harm. The operation of the stun rod is immediate and completely safe for the people who use it. Although we can find many points offering stun guns at very affordable prices, this type of devices should be purchased only from reliable sellers. Let’s remember that our lives may depend on what stun gun we choose, so it’s not worth saving on.

Stuntmen of unspecified origin, bought at a suspiciously low price, may look exactly like those professionally made and tested for performance. The difference may come to light unexpectedly at the most critical moment for us – when we will have to use it on the aggressor. It may then turn out that a cheap stun rod emits too low an electric charge, which will not deprive our opponent of consciousness, but only infuriates him.

To avoid this, let’s remember to buy stun guns only in authorized points. In such a place, professional staff will help us choose the most suitable model of the devic, will also explain its operation, answer all our questions and dispel any doubts.

Telescopic baton

Simple solutions for which physical strength is required are also effective. An example of such a weapon is a telescopic baton, called a “bar”. The baton is telescopically folded and when folded, it can be stored in a bag, pocket or attached to a belt. It is made up of interconnected tubes or a spring with a hard element at the end. This is one of the most effective methods of self-defense – specialists claim that with a baton we are able to generate a lot of force and increase the distance to the attacker.

Acoustic alarm

The acoustic alarm emits high frequency sounds – about 110 decibels. This small device will also be useful if you come across an aggressive, homeless dog. However, it should be remembered that some animals in a battle scarf may not react to the noise, so this form of self-defense will be useful for dogs that are not too big.

Multi-functional stun rod

This type of stun rod does not require close contact with the attacker, as is the case with classic models. The device fires an electric charge by means of diodes. In this way you can overpower an attacker even from a distance of 7 meters. When a charge is fired, the nervous system is paralysed. The downside of the device is its high price (about 550 USD), but it is worth investing in such a gadget, if you often have to move around in dangerous terrain.

Stun rod

The stun rod works on a similar principle as traditional models (i.e. it requires contact with an attacker). The stick is especially useful during a dog attack, when it is very important to keep a distance between the victim and the animal.

Pen – cubotan

A small gadget that can be used for writing, but also for self-defence. However, using this gadget requires skill, skill and knowledge, so you can’t do without appropriate training. However, a pen can be brought on board an airplane, which makes it a very functional object for defense. Kubotan makes it possible to carry out overpowering and various types of levers. Unlike some self-defence tools that cause doubts, cubotan is legal and does not require a permit. In our country there are no regulations that would regulate its use. We will buy legal cubotan in authorized shops with defense accessories.

A cubotan can hit virtually any part of the opponent’s body, but it is recommended to aim at the most sensitive points, such as joint connections and nerve plexuses. The advantage of this tool is that it causes acute pain, but at the same time it does not penetrate the skin due to the slightly softened tip and therefore does not cause permanent damage.

Many people, especially women, choose a self-defence tool of this type because of its small size. Cubotan will fit even in the smallest women’s handbag or pocket. In addition, the cubotan is very inconspicuous, so the aggressor, seeing it, does not expect an attack. Because how should a woman defeat him with an ordinary pen? However, this is only appearances…

Its price depends on the model we choose. The simplest tool of this type is an expense of about 10 euro, resembling an aluminum ballpoint pen. Even slightly cheaper are cubotans resembling small key rings in the shape of cartridges. However, if we choose something more advanced, e.g. made of more resistant material or ornamented, the price of cubotan may increase even up to 100 euro.

On the market, apart from cubotans resembling a key ring, we can also find other models, e.g. cubotans as the aforementioned tactical pens, which can be really written in the most difficult conditions, which is supposed to tempt lovers to buy among others…. survival.. survival. Manufacturers also praise the water resistance of cubotan pens, and sometimes the sets are accompanied by replaceable tips and writing inserts.

Pepper projectile launcher

The launcher is hidden in the flashlight, so we can use it even when moving in the dark. The flashlight will brighten up the route on which we move, and the launcher will help us to protect ourselves from attack. The device launches pepper balls, which after a collision with an obstacle (in this case an attacker) disintegrate and release a sharp center. The gadget has a built-in laser, thanks to which we can easily reach the target. The flashlight is so strong that it additionally dazzles the aggressor.

Street fighting weapons

Many schools of self defense and mixed martial arts teach you to use everything that’s around you and that you can get your hands on to defend yourself. This is, of course, a last resort but it’s well worth to think about. When attacked, look around you. Is there anything you can use as a spontaneous weapon? The options are inexhaustible – an umbrella, your new awesome motorcycle helmets, hot coffee, fire extinguisher or a nearby garbage can.

Bang weapon

There are also bang cartridge guns on sale, which deter with a loud sound, similar to that of a sharp weapon. This, in turn, can confuse the aggressor to a certain extent, and will surely alert the environment of the danger.

Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles, sometimes called a castet, can look quite delicate if it is made of plastic and a metal castet even elegantly. However, put on a criminal fist is deadly dangerous.Kastet is a bombastic and crushing weapon, which increases the force of a blow inflicted with a fist. According to Article 4(4) of the Weapons and Ammunition Act, castets are included in tools and devices, the use of which may endanger life and health. Kastet requires a special permit for possession – and only for collector’s purposes.

This does not mean, however, that you cannot be attacked with a castet. It can cause very serious damage: it not only tears off the tissue, but it also damages bones. The castet comes from ancient Rome, where the main accessory of gladiators was a leather-metal glove. It was supposed to not only protect the fighter, but also to increase the strength of the blow. Possession of an illegal  brass knuckle is associated with a fine, while its use in a fight – imprisonment from 6 months to 8 years. The penalty may be higher if the victim was seriously injured or died.

Stun gun

Among the self-defence methods described here, the stun gun remains one of the most popular defense tools used by both men and women. Stun guns are easy to use and are affordable. It can be used easily, and the instructions are not complicated. The stun gun is an electric-shock weapon, an incapacitating weapon. Best Stun Gun temporarily turns off the beast or a person struck by an electric shock. It’s a weapon with targeted energy, a weapon that emits energy in the target’s direction without a projectile, if it causes loss of consciousness.

Of course you can always lock the doors in your car or your RV if you have your campervan insurance paid for, call the police and hope for the best. But It’s really worth investing in your safety, whether it’s a gift for your loved ones or a precautionary purchase for yourself.