What happens in a university run by IS?

What happens in a university run by IS?

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Almost exactly two years ago, Iraq’s second biggest city, Mosul, was overrun by the forces of so-called Islamic State (IS).

But since then, the city’s university, has remained open most of the time.

This has raised questions about whether it has been kept open to provide a facade of normality, or whether it was being used to develop weapons, including for chemical warfare.

But there are clandestine networks of Mosul students and academics who have wanted the rest of the world to know what happens in a university under IS control and in the deteriorating conditions of their city.

They have been helped by the New York-based Scholar Rescue Fund, part of the Institute of International Education, which once rescued academics in Europe from the Nazis.

On condition of anonymity, they describe a city of violence and fear, with public executions, vice police patrols, persecution, air raids, worsening shortages and bans on communication.