Tips for Hosting a Gaming Night with Your Friends

Tips for Hosting a Gaming Night with Your Friends

One of the best ways to spend quality time with your friends is by getting everyone together for a game night. Hosting a gaming night for your friend

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One of the best ways to spend quality time with your friends is by getting everyone together for a game night. Hosting a gaming night for your friend group can be pretty daunting, especially if you have never done it before. With that being said, research is key! Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the top tips for hosting not just any old gaming night, but a successful one. Keep reading to find out more.

Invite your guests

The first thing to do as the host for the weekly gaming night is to invite your guests along. It may seem like an obvious recommendation, but you should actively plan the night ahead of time. Your friends will have their own jobs and lives not revolving around your games night. Therefore, it is best to provide them with enough notice so they can clear their schedule and keep a space for you. When you’re inviting them, do not forget to include the time and date!

You can get your guests excited about attending your event by giving the evening and your invites a theme. You can even ask them to dress up (but we can’t guarantee that they will all be on board with this). Do some research and choose a theme that will get your guests ready and excited for your hosted event.

Choose great games

What is the point in hosting and attending a games night without having a great gaming portfolio? Your friends will have different tastes when it comes to gaming, so you should ensure there are plenty of options for everyone. For example, recommend some great gaming sites like, great board games and video games too.

Gaming nights don’t just have to be about games that have already been created. In order to impress your guests as a host, you can choose larger and more creative games like a Murder Mystery. This allows everyone to get involved and experience the gaming night first-hand. Murder Mystery is very exciting as each player has to perform their own character and work with the other players to solve the mystery. This also serves as a fabulous theme and is also an excuse to encourage your friends to dress up. Choosing a thrilling and creative game for your host night will allow your friends to get excited for what’s ahead.


Purchase Snacks

Surely all of that gaming will work up an appetite among your group of friends. As the host, you should ensure there is enough food and drinks to go around. You can even match them up to your theme! You can tackle the snack scene in two ways: you can either purchase a bunch of comfort and finger food and serve it up on the night, or you can put a bit more effort in and create your own menu. As we mentioned, you can relate the food to your theme and explore your creativity. Just make sure you have everyone’s dietary requirements noted down!

If cooking isn’t for you – we don’t blame you if you want to enjoy the night care-free – then you can always order in. Delivery apps like Just Eat serve as the perfect opportunity for your friends to order whatever they like at any time. This saves you the hassle and allows your friends to indulge.

Final thoughts

From choosing what games to host and the food to make, you should make sure there is something for everyone at your games night. Remember to let them know the details in advance!