Become the Games Host with the Most!

Become the Games Host with the Most!

It is far from unusual these days for a friend to invite you round to theirs and expect you to play some game or another. Whether they are boardgame f

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It is far from unusual these days for a friend to invite you round to theirs and expect you to play some game or another. Whether they are boardgame fanatics eager to show you their latest Catan extension, or computer game aficionados who think you might like to try your hand at the latest incarnation of FIFA, many people are abandoning expensive pubs for social nights in.

However, being a host who bases an evening around a specific game comes with inherent risks: will everyone like the game you’ve selected? Will people lose interest after a few minutes? Are there enough drinks and snacks in the fridge?

Here are some of the games that are perfect for hosting a fun-filled soiree, as well as some tips to help make sure the evening goes off without a hitch. Which type of host or hostess will you choose to be?

Boardgame Boss

The key to hosting any successful evening with friends is judging your audience. Do they like following rules? Do they have an above-average attention span? If the answer to these two questions is yes, then a night spent with a boardgame could be just the ticket.

The next decision to make is whether your friends know the rules to a game already or will be required to learn a new one from scratch. In the likely event that the latter is the case, it will pay to select a highly intuitive game.

One that we love is Dixit, which involves setting your imagination free, devising a story which other players must then match a card to. It is relaxing and as sociable as boardgames get.

Another great game for first time players is Bärenpark, which allows you and your friends to build your very own bear park. It may sound a bit random, but trust us, it is lots of fun.

Remember to have plenty of sustenance ready to go, for when the play slows to a halt and is replaced by nattering and general rule breaking. Also ensure people are comfortably seated, otherwise they may not be willing to remain in situ for long.

Poker Purveyor

A poker home game is the perfect way to blend socialising with a hint of competitiveness. The three main things to consider are the gear, the players, and what form of the famous game to play.

The key to any good night of cards is to never take things too seriously and to only allow small buy-ins that everyone can afford. There’s nothing worse than a friend who struggles with losing making a dash for the door with a sour look on his or her face.

Having the right equipment is also necessary to make sure everything goes smoothly. You’ll need seating for all your players, a decent pack of cards and a set of chips. If you and your friends get really into the game, you could even consider investing in custom tables and chairs.

Another important point is to make sure that each player knows how to deal, so you can avoid being roped into dealer duty the entire night.

All that’s then left to do is sit back and watch as bluffs become more and more outrageous.

Fancy Dress Dreamer

For those groups of friends who love dressing up and have a flair for the dramatic, why not organise a themed murder mystery night.

Turn your house or apartment into a crime scene and dress up as Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple, as your guests try to extract the requisite incriminating info from you. There are even companies which specialise in providing storylines for you to follow.

You can turn a murder mystery night into a truly elaborate affair

Computer Game God

Of course, if all the above sounds a bit too much like hard work, make sure you have enough controllers handy and simply invite your mates over for a good old session of button bashing. Just plump your beanbags and sofa cushions, have a good takeaway on speed dial, and you’re ready to go.