Tips for getting into running this autumn

Tips for getting into running this autumn

Sometimes we get discouraged from running outdoors due to the weather or lack of exciting scenery. Running in autumn however can be beautiful and insp

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Sometimes we get discouraged from running outdoors due to the weather or lack of exciting scenery. Running in autumn however can be beautiful and inspiring, just check out the tips below for getting back into running this autumn:

Get inspired by country tracks

Autumn weather and leaves can be beautiful and inspiring. Running on country tracks in autumn should really get you in the autumn spirit. Autumn itself is a great time to explore hidden trails and parks, especially in England’s areas of outstanding natural beauty where you can enjoy amazing sights and wildlife.

Country tracks are even beautiful in the mornings or afternoons near sunset, so whichever time you prefer to run, country tracks can provide you with a truly awe-inspiring experience. Grab yourself a map or join a friend who has a favourite country track and enjoy all the autumn bliss there is to soak up while working up a sweat.

You can even push yourself and do some cross country. If a challenge is what you need to get back into running, cross country during the season of autumn can be a great way to get fit while you explore the autumn air. Build your strength and stamina and push your running limits this autumn. And for an even greater challenge, consider going to a Boot camp for some hardcore training and support.

Get the right gear

Autumn’s weather can be chilly so it’s best to get the right gear for the job. Runners need have created the ultimate autumn running gear guide which includes items like shoes for running on trails and tracks, technical running socks to prevent blisters and moisture, base-layer and mid-layer tops to help you stay cool and dry, and accessories like hats, gloves and head torches among many more.

The Telegraph suggests using facial oil instead of moisturiser. Water in moisturiser can freeze, meaning that facial oil is a better option for chillier days in autumn. It’s not all about clothing, protect your skin!

Have people support and push you

Having friends, family, personal trainers and boot camp instructors help and encourage you this autumn might be all you need to start running again. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or encouragement as there are many people out there that can help you.

Have an autumn-inspired breakfast

Having a good breakfast can fuel you for the day and inspire you to get out there and run. Black cherry’s on granola, apple spice porridge, fig and caramel French toast, bran and brown rice carrot muffins, blueberry pancakes with honeycomb and bacon butter and banana pancakes with manuka honey butter are just some of the many autumn breakfast ideas out there that can fill you up and get you outside running!

Think about your long-term goals

If your goal is to lose weight this year or to generally get fit, get motivated this autumn and take full advantage of the outside world. Having a head start rather than waiting until summer can be advantageous and positive. Getting in a good mindset can help push you outside and into running again – don’t be afraid to get back at it!