The Top 5 Things to Do in Egypt – From Nile Cruises to Cultural Wonders

The Top 5 Things to Do in Egypt – From Nile Cruises to Cultural Wonders

Egypt is a land of striking contrasts. From the towering peaks of Mount Catherine in the Sinai Peninsula to the rolling plains of the Qattara Depressi

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Egypt is a land of striking contrasts. From the towering peaks of Mount Catherine in the Sinai Peninsula to the rolling plains of the Qattara Depression, you can’t get enough of this beautiful country. Egypt is also the only country that hosts the Great Pyramids; the only ancient wonders that refuse to bow to the ravages of time. The Great Pyramid of Giza is currently ranked as one of the eight wonders of the world. So, if you are looking for a great holiday destination, Egypt is a top choice.

Each year, over 8 million tourists troop from far and wide to experience some of the unique natural and human-made features in this North African country. From Nile cruises to cultural wonders and more, we look at the top 5 things to do in Egypt.

Uncover Egypt’s Iconic Landmark – The Great Pyramid of Giza

Hardly can you think of Egypt tours without factoring in a visit to the Great Pyramid of Giza. While there are a few more pyramids in the country, the Great Pyramid of Giza is Egypt’s defining symbol. It’s also the only surviving member of the Ancient Wonders. The pyramid is nestled in the Giza plateau and is within an hour’s drive from the capital, Cairo.

The Great Pyramid was built between 2589 and 2566 BCE, during the reign of King Khufu. For over three thousand years, this iconic landmark held the title as the tallest human-made structure. The Eiffel Tower in Paris would snatch this title from it in 1889.

The Great Pyramid of Giza towers to a height of 479 feet, with a base measuring 754 feet. It features millions of stone blocks, which speaks to the architectural ingenuity behind its construction. Though it’s located within the greater Cairo region, the pyramid is a bit isolated from the city’s major road network.

The best way to access the site is to drive yourself there or take a taxi. You can also take the metro to Giza station. The station is situated about 5 km from the site. From here, you can take a minibus, though there will be some walking to do, which is an excellent way of making a grand entrance to this historic landmark.

The Great Pyramid of Giza


Go on Thrill-filled Nile Cruise Adventures – The MS Mayfair Nile Cruise

Egypt offers a cruise experience that rivals the best that Africa’s leading cruise destination, such as Diani Beach in Kenya and Port of Durban in South Africa, have to offer. The MS Mayfair Nile Cruise takes you to enchanted locations as you relish the serenading breeze from the sea. The highlights of the cruise include visiting beautiful spots like the High Dam and Karnak. It takes you through the majestic waterways of the Nile, with stopovers in some of the hallowed places such as the Luxor temple. You’ll also enjoy excursions to the Valley of the Kings, as well as the Philae and Kom Ombo temples.

Professionally trained and highly friendly personnel are available for assistance during these excursions. The cruise ship features executive cabins and lots of onboard facilities, such as Wi-Fi, re-fill minibar, Jacuzzis, and saunas. Other onboard conveniences include a library and business corner, a boutique and gift shop, and medical service on call. Not to mention unlimited onboard entertainment programs.

Numerous sightseeing opportunities are guaranteed. Besides, you’ll leverage the stopovers to interact with the local communities as you learn a thing or two about their cultures and traditions. The duration of the crew is up to you. But for a more fulfilling experience, you won’t go wrong with a 5-day cruise. Memphis Tours is an industry leader when it comes to offering surreal Nile cruises. Click here to view their wide collection of Nile Cruises 2020 packages.

Indulge in Egypt’s Annual Festivals – The Leylet en Nuktah Festival

The Leylet en Nuktah is an ancient festival where Egyptians offered female sacrifices to their gods in appreciation for his blessings. During the festival, Egyptians thanked the gods and directly worshipped the Nile for the yearly bounties it brought. Only the most beautiful females were offered as sacrifices to appease the gods and have them bring on more flooding.

The festival may have changed in the nature of its rituals, but it’s still practiced today.

Leylet en Nuktah begins on June 17 when the Nile starts to rise. The Nile flooding is of immense significance to Egyptians. It brings the silt deposits that enriches the Nile Delta. As soon as the flooding begins, Egyptians are assured of a bumpy harvest on their next growing season.

Offering beautiful females as sacrifices to the gods has since been abandoned, but the festival offers an opportunity for families to camp and picnic together along the edges of River Nile. You can also choose to spend your nights on the streets, along with your family and friends.

Balls of dough are put out as representative of the number of women present in each family. Participants can predict their fortunes depending on the number of cracks the dough acquire in the morning.



A past Leylet en Nuktah event


The Alexandria International Film Festival

The Alexandria International Film Festival is an annual event that was pioneered in 1979. The event is organized by the Egyptian Association of Film Writers and Critics (EAFWC). As the name suggests, this is a film festival that brings together artists from all walks of life.

The festival is held in November and is one of the most anticipated events in the country. The idea behind the Alexandria International Film Festival is to recognize and promote upcoming talents, while also charting the course of the country’s film industry. However, any artist can use the event to broadcast their work.

Movie makers from every part of the country converge at the festival, not only to get a glimpse of recent film releases but also to network with the industry’s influential personalities in attendance. And to spice things up, the festival features competitions for various categories, with a special focus on Mediterranean films. If ever your dreams take you to Egypt around November, spare some time and sample the creative film works showcased at the AIFF.

The Cairo Luxor Nile Cruise

The Cairo Luxor Nile Cruise is a 13-day-long journey that will expose you to some of the hidden treasures of the Nile. It’s one of the longest Nile cruises, and deservedly so. The cruise takes a route off the beaten track, into some of the Nile’s unspoiled waters and charming banks. Want to explore the most sacred secrets of the Nile? Then this is your go-to cruise.

Experience the raging waters of the Nile as you also sample Egypt’s iconic landmarks, such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Dendara Temple, and the Valley of the Kings. Additionally, the cruise features excursions to the Tuna El Gebel, the Beni Hassan and Tel El Amarna tombs, Luxor and Karnak temples, and many more historic locations.

Get mesmerized by the grandiose expanse of the Nile as you savor the surreal beauty of the setting sun. Onboard facilities include Wi-Fi and a refill minibar that comes complete with mineral water and soft drinks. English-speaking guides are ready to assist where necessary and ensure you have a Nile cruise to relish forever. If you are considering booking Nile cruises in 2020, Memphis Tours is a top choice.

An aerial view of the Cairo Luxor Nile Cruise course


While Egypt teems with numerous historical points of interest, the best way to experience the country is to go on a cruise along the Nile.