The Rules for Wearing Sunglasses

The Rules for Wearing Sunglasses

Sunglasses have become a ubiquitous lifestyle accessory, as essential to any outfit as men’s hats were in the thirties or women’s white gloves in the

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Sunglasses have become a ubiquitous lifestyle accessory, as essential to any outfit as men’s hats were in the thirties or women’s white gloves in the fifties.  That once-friendly sun, that we dashed away each summer in search of, is now seen as a more sinister threat.  We know that those UV rays are good for a dose of vitamin D, but we also know that they are the cause of macular degeneration, the leading cause of sight loss.  Taking care of your eyes with the selective wearing of sunglasses makes good sense, besides which, they are the greatest fashion accessory going. So, maybe it’s time that you stopped just snatching up a pair on your way through the airport and gave a little more time and consideration to the purchase of your next pair of sunglasses.

What Style?

You’ve seen one of your favourite celebs in a pair of brilliant yellow micro cat eyes and you decide you absolutely must have a pair, but just hold on there a minute.  What suits one person does not necessarily suit another.  You need to consider the shape and size of your face and your hairstyle and hair colour.  This is not an exact science, despite what some websites may lead you to believe, but it is worth thinking about.  To take the most obvious example, if you have a round face, you shouldn’t wear round sunglasses.  You want to avoid anything which is going to accentuate the features of your face in an unflattering way.  Likewise, big hair works well with oversize frames, but those yellow cat eyes won’t work well if you are blonde as they could wash you out.  If you want to play safe, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of classic black Wayfarers.

What Size?

It is truly astonishing, the number of people that you see with a really classy pair of sunglasses which don’t fit.  You wouldn’t spend hundreds of pounds on a new outfit that doesn’t fit and yet when it comes to sunglasses, people seem to assume that one size fits all.  It doesn’t.  The key measurements are the lens width, the bridge width and the temple (arm) length.  Some sunglasses will have these measurements marked on the inside of the temple.  Ensure that the temple fits comfortably behind your ear and that the lens sits close to your eye.  If the temple arms are being pushed out by your face, then however much you like them, these sunglasses are too small.

Choose Quality

You get what you pay for.  If you want durable frames and quality lenses which offer the right level of protection, then you need to choose a recognisable brand such as Maui Jim.

Ray-Ban is probably the most famous sunglasses brand on the planet, and they are now fully customisable.  You can select your frame style and size, lens type, have prescription lenses fitted and the temples engraved to create your own unique sunglasses.

Keep Them Clean

Those high-tech lenses are all for nothing if you don’t use a smear free lens cleaner. Keep it in your handbag so you have it ready if you need it on the go.