The British Royal Family & Registration Plates

The British Royal Family & Registration Plates

Various royal family members have been photographed driving or being driven in some of the most opulent cars ever made over the years. Therefore, it i

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Various royal family members have been photographed driving or being driven in some of the most opulent cars ever made over the years. Therefore, it is not surprising that the royal fleet of state vehicles consists of an impressive array of contemporary and vintage vehicles from Rolls Royce, Bentley, and even Jaguar. Royal state cars usually have dateless registrations, despite the fact that they don’t have number plates on the front or back.

Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen, who tragically passed unexpectedly on September 8, 2022, was well renowned for her love of driving, despite the fact that she didn’t technically have or even require a driving licence. Her Majesty owned the personalised number plates MYT 1, MYT 2, and MYT 3 that are currently assigned to Range Rovers throughout her historic reign.

A Range Rover with the private registration MYT 1 was seen during the Queen’s burial and is a playful allusion to Her Majesty’s status as the “Mighty One” in British honours.

A 7, one of the earliest licence plates to be seen on British roadways and issued by the London council in 1903, was also owned by Queen Elizabeth II.

Elizabeth II, the monarch’s mother

The Queen’s Mother also possessed an impressive collection of vintage, well-known state vehicles, including two Daimler DE 36s that she acquired from King George VI in 1952. The licence plate for this vehicle read NLT 2.

She bought a Daimler “Royal Stock” DE 36 Straight-Eight landaulette in 1954 and drove it frequently. For the remainder of the decade, it was her “No. 2 Royal Landaulette,” and it was routinely re-registered as NLT 6.

She bought a Daimler DK400 limousine for herself a year later. This wasn’t painted in a royal claret like her previous cars, and it was registered to NLT 1. She also owned a Jaguar Mark VII M, which was eventually replaced with the long-wheelbase XJ12 variant and registered NLT 7.

Other Members Of The Royal Family

Prince Philip

The following vehicles belonged to Prince Philip throughout his life and are noteworthy and interesting: none more well-known than his best-known vehicle, the 1954 Lagonda Drophead Coupe. OXR 1 was the initial registration for the vehicle, which he retained up until 1961. Later, a Land Rover Freelander was given the assignment. Additionally, he was reported to operate a Land Rover Discovery with the number plate OXR 2.

Princess Margaret

For both official and personal occasions, Queen Elizabeth II’s sister ordered a silver Rolls Royce Wraith II. She added several extra features to the car, which was initially registered with 3 GXM.

Princess Anne

The princess once drove a car with the number plate 1 ANN. The private registration was abandoned for security reasons because, as you can expect, it was very evident. The registration number is currently worth £125,000. 

Queen Alexandra

The 1907 Daimler shooting brake that the widowed queen was given after King Edward VII’s passing in 1910 was given the number plate LD 4352. Her go-to vehicle was a 1910 Landaulette with the number plate LB 7078.

King George VI

It was well known that King George VI was a huge fan of Lanchester vehicles and had bought a number of them in the 1920s and 1930s. The monarch had ordered two Daimlers, a limousine, and a landaulette prior to the tragic passing of his father. Both of them were given the Lanchester moniker. Both cars arrived with black paint jobs and the licence plates JJ 4 and JJ 5.

King Charles III is expected to acquire all the former dateless licence plates that belonged to Queen Elizabeth II and the Queens Mother due to his succession. We will never be able to see these private registrations on any of his vehicles because he is the monarch and is not required to display a number plate. But you can be sure that in the future, the fleet of state cars with unique dateless registrations will grow to include more opulent vehicles.

There are currently five state cars in the fleet which are two Bentleys and three Rolls-Royces. These are used often when the monarch travels overseas, and additionally, they can be used to visiting heads of state who are in the UK or when senior members of the Royal Family who are conducting official royal duties. All of these vehicles do not have licence plates since they are owned by the state.