Solo Girl – Travel Ireland

Solo Girl – Travel Ireland

There are a lot of women travelling solo lately. Or maybe they just found their voice and are shouting from the rooftops? I remember way back when doi

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There are a lot of women travelling solo lately. Or maybe they just found their voice and are shouting from the rooftops? I remember way back when doing my first backpacking trip with my best friend during a leap year. Everybody was scared for us and our families were positively teary every time we called, asking if we were “two girls all alone”.

Has the world gotten safer since then? Not necessarily. We travel smarter, just because we have access to more information. What are the safest hostels? What are the most fun organized tours for a single gal? (Where you won’t get stuck with retired people or newlyweds that is.) What’s the best solo hike? Vegan restaurant? Steak house?

I don’t see the taboo of solo women travelling alone changing. There always will be dangers. An experienced traveller will know how to stay out of shady situations and keep themselves safer. You have to radiate an aura of confidence, so people won’t see you as a target and take advantage of you. And even with that, you have to develop a sixth sense for knowing when to smile and nod, not say anything, or simply back away.

With that being said, Traveling solo gives you an incredible sense of independence. It’s one of those things I would recommend for people just spreading their wings, or people who need reminding that they can fly. It’s great for an amazing variety of ladies:

College students

Who are just getting their compass in place – you will get a very quick lesson in how to keep track of your things, your schedule, and how to snip that umbilical cord with home.

New mums

My first solo trip as a mum was when my son was 1 year old. After staying home with him for a long time, going to the mountains by myself was where I found me again. It gave me time to remember what it’s like to be alone with my own thoughts and a cup of tea

Professional women

Sometimes you just need a break without anyone needing anything, and without you needing anything from anyone. When you’re by yourself you have a chance to tune in to that inner voice to find direction again.


My friend was once a social worker at an American county jail. There was a lady who would come to jail for the weekends – she did something bad a while ago but they were letting her serve her time on weekend basis. She was a grandma of four, and she would go into the jail cell with a sigh of relief that “it’s the only time she gets to herself and thoroughly enjoys it.” Don’t let that be you, ladies.


Who feels like they need a break – missing hanging out with your best buddy? Do you like yourself as a person and miss the close contact? Get in line for those plane, train or bus tour, ladies.

5 Safest Destinations for Female Travelers

I’m not saying that you should pack your bags and go to the most random place on the map you can find. Be safe! Do research on your destination – the customs, places to go, and most importantly, read about other people’s experiences in the female travel community. There are a lot of us out there!

Here is a short list of the places that are safest statistically and what you can find there! I hope it gets your wanderlust flowing.


The Emerald Isle is an amazing place for a woman traveller – there are countless things to see here starting with castles, abbeys, beautiful villages and bustling cities. You can hike out in nature, stay in hostels, inns or fine hotels. Do it completely solo and rent a car or sign up for a bus tour of Ireland. Whether you’re exploring the coast or antiquities, it’s bound to be amazing.


Amsterdam is called the Venice of the North for a good reason. It’s many canals give it a sense of constantly being on the water. It has many aspects you can explore. If you love art, you will never be bored here. There are so many museums that you will need weeks to see everything. Quirky cafes, art installations and diversity make this city on the water a must-see.


Bali might not be on your mental list of safe spaces if you’ve never been there before. But with tourists and explorers coming in droves from all over the world, we mark this destination as safe. There are a lot of amazing beaches as well as crowded restaurants and bars to make this the perfect mix for a tropical getaway.


Let’s group all Scandinavian countries into one, and just say they are all amazing. Whether it’s Iceland, Sweden, Norway or Denmark you will get a cultural treat of a lifetime. The people are friendly and down to earth, while the scenery is jaw-dropping. Taking a train all the way up North until the train tracks end is particularly recommended.


Kraków, Poland, is the most touristy off the grid place you will ever find. Everybody who’s “in” in the quirky travel world has been here, and the water is fine! Full of ancient buildings, artwork, galleries and amazing places to eat, you can rent a short term flat in the old part of town and feel like royalty for a fraction of the price of Paris or Prague.