Pros and Cons of vaping

Pros and Cons of vaping

Electronic cigarettes stay a subject of controversy among the whole world. Are they good? Do they provide any harm? There are so many rumours and myth

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Electronic cigarettes stay a subject of controversy among the whole world. Are they good? Do they provide any harm? There are so many rumours and myths around electronic cigarettes, and there is definitely a conflict of interest between Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes industries. Let us find out some pros and cons of vaping to see the impact it might have upon us.

What is Vaping?

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered gadgets, that are filled with e-juice ( special liquid, that usually consists from Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), different flavours and different proportions of nicotine). E-cigs are considered to be a progressive way to satisfy one’s nicotine cravings.

– Vegetable Glycerin provides vapour (higher ratio – more clouds)

– Propylene Glycol offers throat a sensation that is similar to smoking

– Thousands of flavours are able to maximize satisfaction and offer tons of tasty choices

– Nicotine comes in different strength levels and it can be excluded at all.

A special cartridge, called a tank, is filled with e-juice and heated into a vapour, which is inhaled by the consumer.  People usually switch to vaping to ease quitting regular tobacco cigarettes. It is easy to reduce the nicotine level, and then to remove it completely. As well, there are a lot of vape lovers, who make vaping a part of their lifestyle. Vaping is considered cost-saving as well – you buy a device once and use it for a long time, additionally purchasing only e-juice. Moreover, majority of online platforms often offer vape kit sale uk, e-liquids on sale, etc. All the stuff needed to vape can be bought on discounts, unlike cigarettes.

What are Pros of Vaping?

1) Vaping is less dangerous than smoking.

According to Public Health England, their extensive research sowed that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. There is a video that shows that amount of tar, accumulated in the lungs of a smoker is way bigger than in lungs of a person who vapes. What could lead to circumstances like that?

Tobacco cigarette contains 7,000 poisonous chemicals, and 60 of them are known to be carcinogenic. All of them (and also the tar0 are released during the combustion process. It is mistakenly believed that nicotine is the most dangerous component, that causes a lot of diseases, which is not completely correct. It is indeed a highly addictive substance, and it leads to smoking a large number of cigarettes.

And now let’s compare cigarette’s composition to a usual e-cigarette, that contains only 4 ingredients mentioned above: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, flavouring and Nicotine. A simple composition and, which is a huge plus – nicotine level can be varied or it can be excluded at all (there is a huge variety of nicotine-free e-liquids). What else is important – there is no combustion process in vaping, as the vapour gets in the lungs in another way.

2) There Is No Smell Of Smoke.

A great advantage of vaping is that it’s always a pleasure to kiss a vaper, whereas a bad cigarette smell does not attract at all, eating into hair, hands, clothes and everything else around. Vaping offers such a huge assortment of smells, including mint, fruits, desserts etc. Tobacco lovers also have a great choice – there are dozens of tobacco flavours that are nice and pleasant.

3)  A huge number of Flavors to Choose.

As it is mentioned above – there are tons of flavours to choose for the best vaping experience. You will never get bored, as new flavours are being created all the time!

4) Control Over Nicotine.

What is important about nicotine is that you can choose its strength, when buying e-liquid to vape, unlike regular tobacco cigarettes. This option helps a person to reduce the nicotine level gradually, without irritation and other unpleasant consequences of regular quitting smoking. It is an easier way to reach the desired “zero” nicotine level in your body.

5) Control Over Vapour Output.

Most of vaping devices have control over the volume of vapour they can produce. Low-powered devices create small vapour, whereas the high-powered mods and kits are more suitable for making dense clouds. A small change in the power output, airflow, and coil type will raise or reduce vapour production. Plus, the cloud amount also depends on PG/VG ratio.

6) Easy To Buy and Use.

Day by day vaping industry develops and improves, a large number of e-juices, mods, tanks and accessories appear. The number of vape shops has increased, offering a large choice of electronic cigarettes for each budget. Starting price for e-juice can be £0.25, and a vape kit can be purchased for £10. Let us not forget about regular sales and offers, which allow buying most of the vaping stuff for a good price.

What Are the Cons of Vaping?

1) Potential Side Effects.

There are some side effects usually connected to vaping – sore throat, dry mouth, chest pain, headache and nausea. We have to mention as well, that all the listed can also happen from giving up smoking and an abrupt nicotine ceasing.

2) Scary Headlines.

There are a lot of intimidating headlines and legends in social media. We would like to shed the light on some of the most popular ones to see whether they are true:

  • E-cigarettes explode. Some cases indeed happened, but it is not completely correct to say that the e-cigarette exploded because in fact, the battery did. It can occur due to using a damaged battery or wrong charging. It is very important to use an original charger and always to unplug fully charged batteries. Before using a battery, it is crucial to check it for damage and scratches.
  • Vaping causes popcorn lungs. This headline caused a lot of noise, but there are not reported cases, where people who use electronic cigarettes got popcorn lungs effect.
  • E-juices contain antifreeze. It is true that Propylene Glycol, which is a part of e-juices, is used as well in antifreeze production, but that does not mean that e-liquids themselves contain antifreeze. Propylene Glycol is an organic compound that is used in food industry and can be found in many cosmetic products and pharmacology as well.

 We should always be guided by common sense when reading such headlines.

3) Tobacco Cigarettes stereotype.

Most non-smokers confuse tobacco smoke with vapour clouds. They are concerned about the negative vapour effect on their health. The latest medical research shows, however, that passive vaping a lot less harmful than tobacco smoke.