Prerequisites of Taking an MOT Test

Prerequisites of Taking an MOT Test

Is your annual MOT due? Do you feel worried or as though you should be doing something to make sure you pass it? Well, you don't have to worry, but th

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Is your annual MOT due? Do you feel worried or as though you should be doing something to make sure you pass it? Well, you don’t have to worry, but there are some things you can do to ensure you sail through your MOT with flying colours.

Brake fluid

Resting near your master cylinder, the brake fluid level is really easy to read: it is generally a measure reading between max and min – the level of the brake fluid needs to be somewhere between those!


You must have three mirrors on your car, all clean and in good condition. One should be on the driver’s side and another on the passenger side, positioned so you can see the sides of your vehicle. The third is the centrally mounted rear-view mirror which should give you a good view of anyone approaching from the rear.

All the Lights

As well as the headlights, brake lights and hazards, make sure you check for warning lights too. If any of the latter are showing, you should take steps to fix the problem before you attend your MOT.

Windows and Windscreens

Your ability to see out of all sides of your vehicle helps to make you a safe and careful driver. Ensure that windows are clean and clear, that your visibility is uninterrupted and that any cracks or damage is taken care of before the MOT. Your wipers should be in place, in good working order and any windscreen wiper fluid reservoir properly filled with an appropriate cleaning agent.

Brakes and Steering

The original MOT test checked brakes and steering and they are still two of the most important parts of the test. After all, if you cannot stop your vehicle or turn away from a runaway car in an emergency, you are all but certain to be in an accident. Test your brakes, making sure you can perform an emergency stop, checking the hand-brake works, and that the car slows evenly when the brakes are applied. Your steering wheel should have minimal play before it responds, and you should be able to turn sharply should you need to.

If in doubt, find the full list of MOT test items and check offs as many as you can before you book your test. Be Safe! Get your car MOT’d at Elite’s DVSA approved MOT Centre in London. They will have your car back on the road within 45 minutes. So hop in any time!