Practical Advice for Making the Most of your Summer Staycation

Practical Advice for Making the Most of your Summer Staycation

Trying to travel right now is an arduous experience; there is an awful lot of uncertainty around the travel industry. Lingering Covid restrictions mea

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Trying to travel right now is an arduous experience; there is an awful lot of uncertainty around the travel industry. Lingering Covid restrictions mean that, unfortunately, any foreign holiday you book could be subject to change. However, you do not have to travel abroad to have a good holiday, an overwhelming number of people are opting for staycations.

Read on for the lowdown on staycations, as well as helpful tips and tricks to making the most of your staycation.

 What is a Staycation and Why Bother with One?

Staycations have only gained popularity in the last few years as a form of domestic tourism. People only go on holidays when they can afford to do so; they are often the first luxury to go when pennies are pinched. Historically, there have been a few instances of economic hardship that have affected the travel industry, like the second world war or the 2008 recession. When people have less disposable income, they tend to opt for a staycation as an alternative to travelling internationally. Some people simply do not want the hassle of travel.

Staycations are more convenient and cheaper than holidays abroad. There is no need to pay through the nose for flights or a hire car; you could put the money you’d save towards a few treats during your staycation. Staying in Britain for your holiday also means that more of your family can get involved (if you choose to invite them) as it is a more accessible option for them. You get to keep your pets around as often the most challenging part of holidaying abroad is leaving your pets behind, but there is no need to with a staycation. There is no language barrier to worry about either; you can order your meals at a restaurant without worrying that you have asked for the wrong thing. You can also discover some hidden gems, research some quaint villages or charming places to visit locally; it makes for a more authentic experience.

Staycationing at home

Being on holiday is a mindset and one that you can easily recreate at home. It is all about revitalising your surroundings; it is popular among staycationers to do up an area of their home to make it into something new and exciting. If you like to lie on a beach and sunbathe on your holiday, why not revamp your garden to make it more accommodating of this? You can even weatherproof this activity by erecting some form of shelter in your garden. Order gazebo side panels online to kit your garden out properly; Specialised Canvas offers a fully customisable service so that your panels are to your exact taste. You could install a makeshift bar area into your house if you want to recreate the feeling of those all-inclusive cocktails.

Some people even prefer to sleep in a different room in their house to really make it feel different. If you usually choose holiday destinations for the culture, why not go, and take in the cultural delights close to home. Hand on heart, can you honestly say that you have taken advantage of all your home city has to offer? Organise some days out and get to know your home better. If you find yourself missing the feeling of being submerged in a new place, why not read a book or watch a film set in a foreign country, ideally somewhere that you would eventually like to travel to. Unplugging is also highly recommended; turn your phone off and avoid social media for the duration of your staycation to allow yourself the chance to relax and reset from the stresses of your everyday life.

Staycationing in your home city can offer you a different perspective, a chance to get to know new parts of the city you have not ventured out to before. Choosing to stay at a hotel in your home city allows for more accessible travel but still gives you that holiday feeling, maybe more so than staying in your own house would.

 Venturing Further

Taking a staycation does not necessarily have to happen inside your home or even in your hometown. Britain has some genuinely breath-taking destinations that may not even be too far from you. It would still be cheaper to stay in Britain for your holiday than going abroad. Maybe you would like to visit a beach – if that is your favourite part of your holiday, consider visiting Devon or Cornwall, which has some cracking coastlines and beautiful beaches. Or perhaps you are an adventurer; why not try camping in the lake district of north Wales, both of which boast great rural regions. Do you crave the stimulation of a city? Try Manchester or London, for an exciting city break.

If you do want to go a little further for your staycation, there are a few things you should do before setting off:

  • If like most of the population, your car has been sat idle for the last few months, it is worth doing a thorough check of it before you set off. Checking your tyres, fluid levels, and lights is advisable – especially if you are heading out for a long car journey. Also, make sure that any roadside assistance that you have is up to date.
  • Once you’ve decided on your destination, it is a good idea to set n itinerary so that you can begin to plan ahead and book things as necessary; most places across the UK have implemented reduced numbers and prebooking services.
  • If you chose to stay somewhere where you will have to feed yourself a lot, such as a campsite, caravan park, or cabin, it could be worth shopping in advance. Or perhaps even ordering your groceries to arrive a couple of hours after you.
  • Finally, British weather is notoriously unpredictable so try to pack and plan for all scenarios.

Essential staycation items

Whether you choose to stay at home or not, a few items are considered essential for a staycation. Firstly, scented candles can be rejuvenating for your mental health and promoting self-care. If you have a favourite, make sure to utilise it during your staycation to help you relax and unwind. In a similar vein, it is also recommended that you have a few bath products to hand; staycations are all about relieving stress, so why not pamper yourself? Make sure to have a supply of your favourite food and drink items to treat yourself. Whether you stay at home or go further afield, comfy clothes are a must for relaxation. Pick up some fuzzy socks or a nice soft robe to lounge in. Finally, why not tackle that book you have been meaning to read for ages?


This last year has been incredibly stressful for all, and everyone deserves a break to recharge. Whether you choose to stay home or staycation a little further away, hopefully, these suggestions will help you prepare for a great staycation. Staycations allow you to take your time and go with the flow. Just because you will not be getting on a plane this year does not mean that you cannot have a fantastic staycation.