National Walking Month: London Tube Walks

National Walking Month: London Tube Walks

Every year in May, we celebrate "National Walking Month", a time for us to get outside and become more active, with a plethora of health benefits.

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Every year in May, we celebrate “National Walking Month”, a time for us to get outside and become more active, with a plethora of health benefits.

In London, many of us are guilty of riding the tube to work, even for short distances, resulting in a sweaty and uncomfortable ride. What many commuters don’t know (or remember) is that they are missing out on some of the finest sights that a city like London has to offer, while they are stuck underground.

This month is a perfect opportunity to step away from the tube and explore London on foot. Not only will it be a great way to get some fresh air and exercise, but it will also be a chance to take in the beauty of this historic city. So why not make the most of National Walking Month and take a stroll through the streets of London?

WeWard, the motivating app, wanted to point out the landmarks Londoners miss while travelling underground. To do so, they designed sightseeing maps for four of London’s most popular tube lines: Central, Piccadilly, Northern, and Bakerloo. Their goal? To inspire you to up your step count during and after National Walking Month. The advantages of taking a stroll are plentiful; improved physical and mental wellbeing, to mention a few. Jess Bromham, aged 24, discovered this to be true firsthand.

Jess was motivated to try something different due to her newfound interest in street steps. She made the switch in May and soon felt the positive impact it had on her wellbeing. After just a week, she could already feel a visible difference in both her mental and physical states.

Jess says “I completely underestimated the impact that swapping the tube for a walk would have on my mental health when I started WeWard’s National Walking Month challenge.

I have found I turn up to work much brighter and relaxed for not having to have squeezed myself on to the tube on the short ride to work. Walking means I spend time away from my phone before and after work, allowing me to decompress.”

Jess added “I would say I even look forward to commuting now as the routes I take pass really interesting spots and beautiful. It’s crazy that I had no idea I was passing them underground on the tube each day.

If you’ve been inspired by Jess’ stories, why not try three of the four routes and start appreciating the city whilst upping those steps.

The Central Line Walk

Try heading from Liverpool Street one of London’s major transport hubs to Marble Arch taking in the sights at Bank of the City followed by the magnificent St. Pauls Cathedral, designed by Sir Christopher Wren and onwards to Marble Arch where the gruesome Tyburn gallows once stood.

The Piccadilly Line Walk

From the melting pot of Hammersmith in the west through the cultural hub of Kynance Mews through to the exclusive Knightsbridge and Hyde Park Corner areas where you get to see how the other half live and onto an old royal hunting ground in Green Park, once full of deer and game and now full of people.

The Northern Line Walk

The sights of Highgate Cemetery where Karl Marx among others are buried to one of London’s surprisingly numerous city farms to the fashion mecca that is Camden Town and onto Tottenham Court Road to indulge in some retail therapy.

Try Something New

Taking a leisurely stroll in nature is an excellent way to boost your physical and mental health, as well as stay connected to your local community. As temperatures start to rise, it’s the perfect opportunity to go out and explore your surroundings. This can be hugely beneficial to your overall wellbeing. So, why not get out and enjoy this walking adventure?