Most Wanted Gifts

Most Wanted Gifts

The most stressing that people complain about when it comes to holiday seasons and special occasions are what gifts to buy. Your best friend’s birthda

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The most stressing that people complain about when it comes to holiday seasons and special occasions are what gifts to buy. Your best friend’s birthday is coming up but you’re at a loss about what to get her. And with Christmass round the corner, the stress multiplies as you try to think of a meaningful present that will show the people in your life how important they are and how you appreciate what they do for you. Should you get your best friend who loves golf a Motocaddy M Series Electric Trolley or an electric toothbrush? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of gifts being advertised everywhere you go. Here’s a list of 7 gift ideas that would help you make a quick decision and remove the stress this holiday season.

The Keyboard Waffle Iron

The keyboard waffle iron gift is the right choice for someone who likes both food and their computers. If your loved one loves pancakes and yet don’t like to leave their keyboard why not bring their keyboard to them in the form of a delicious pancake? This kitchen accessory can also be used to make hashbrowns, paninis, and other delicious snacks. The no-stick aluminum makes it easy to clean so you can keep cooking crisp waffles all the time. The non-stick also makes it easy to flip the waffle, especially with the curved handles. And because it’s light and doesn’t use much electricity, it is portable and you can pack it for your next picnic.

Hand Cup Pen/Pencil Holder

This nifty hand cup pen/pencil holder gift features a hand holding a cup that you can use to keep your pens and pencils. It is sturdy and durable and doesn’t break easily as it’s made from Non-Phthalate PVC, EVA. You can clean it easily and its heavy base makes it sit comfortably on any level surface. You can use it for all your stationery needs and it makes it easy to store and retrieve your pens, pencils, scissors, and other tools. It’s a good conversation topic as it sits pretty on your desk and it functions as an icebreaker when you need something to talk about.

Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair

This bean bag chair is water-resistant which makes it easy to clean with a damp cloth. Made with SmartMax Fabric, the bag is tough and lightweight which makes it handy to carry around wherever you go. It also fits snuggly anywhere in your house. Take it to your study room or drop it in front of the TV and have some relaxing time. The covers are safe and double stitched. The bag is also comfortable because the UltimaX Beans adjust to the curves of your body without getting in the way.

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

If you like a 1950s gadget in your kitchen this retro series pop-up hot dog toaster really sticks out. It looks like something your grandmother used to proud of having. The red toaster cooks two hot dogs and two buns all at once. Use the timer to adjust the cooking time to your liking and there’s a button to stop cooking. The drip tray collects all extra juices and is easy to clean. It comes with small tongs to take out the cooked hot dogs without much fuss.

Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels

This fun gift will put a smile on the receiver’s face every morning. You know how you feel like punching the alarm clock when it wakes you up? This one actually runs away. Put it on the nightstand and go to sleep. When it goes off it will jump off the nightstand and run away. If you don’t feel like getting out of bed this early, this clocky runaway alarm clock on wheels will give you a reason to chase it around the room. It will stop when you finally turn it off. Talk about early morning exercise.

Aoibox Funny 3D Cartoon Backpack

This Aiobox 3D cartoon backpack looks like a cartoon bag and from far it does look like it’s a 2D object from an animated show. Suitable for students, on campus, or as a novelty backpack. The adjustable straps make it easy to carry for all body sizes. They are flexible and you can easily keep your laptop, tablet, phone, and wallet in it. It has plenty of pockets to keep your keys, ID card, name card and all those small items you don’t know where to keep.

Birthdays and special occasions are no longer a source of stress now that you all these great gift ideas.