Laser Hair Removal To Get You Looking And Feeling Great After The Pandemic

Laser Hair Removal To Get You Looking And Feeling Great After The Pandemic

Summer is approaching fast, the lockdown restrictions will be lifted in less than a month now, and it's time to get ready and feel great. The weather

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Summer is approaching fast, the lockdown restrictions will be lifted in less than a month now, and it’s time to get ready and feel great. The weather forecasts are suggesting it’s going to be the hottest summer in 200 years, and one essential treatment to get you looking and feeling great after the pandemic restrictions is Laser Hair Removal.

The Laser Hair Removal London technique is one of the most in-demand treatments across the country. It’s recommended for ingrown hair, razor burn, and Polycystic ovary syndrome patients that suffer from excess hair growth.

Many had to rethink how they would like to spend their time after this big halt of life during the restrictions.  It’s not a surprise that most decided to book holidays, but bare shoulders, beach barbecues and Pina Coladas should always be carefree. During the hot seasons, the skin tends to heat up quicker and sweating much easier.  Body hairs are growing faster, and using razors or other hair removal methods could result in razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Essentially, we all want our appearance to be at its best, and our mission is to reveal why Laser Hair Removal should be on the top of your list. That’s why we spoke with skin expert Lucy Dawe to learn all the secrets around the topic.

Why Laser Hair Removal is the best treatment?

Laser Hair Removal provides up to 80% hair reduction, and many found their skin to be smoother without red bumps or darkened with ingrown hairs. It’s common that most are punching those bumps resulting in scarring the skin. With your first laser hair removal treatment, hair growth slows considerably.  Once you have completed your recommended course of treatments, commonly eight treatments, you will notice a hair growth reduction. This means that the hair growth will be greatly reduced, and hairs will appear finer, with fewer ingrown hairs and regrowth in sparse areas.

But is it too late now for Laser Hair Removal?

Usually, the journey should start in Autumn, but this year’s start has not been as anticipated for laser hair.  Lucy explains that she will deliver an estimated laser hair removal treatment plan to help you achieve the best skin; this will also be discussed at your free consultation.

  • 1st Treatment in April

After your 48-hour patch test, the practitioners can carry out the first treatment. 2 weeks after your first treatment, you may notice some hairs begin to shed, and you may not have to shave for longer than usual.

  • 2nd Treatment in June

Your second treatment will be after 6-8 weeks, depending on your treatment plan. You will still notice some hairs after this treatment, but the hairs at this point may appear more refined and less coarse than usual.

During this period, enjoy your days soaking in the sun. It’s important to apply SPF 50 daily and frequently. Using sunblock creams with high SPF is necessary for your skin’s health and the treated areas to ensure no melanin damage in the dermis.

  • 3rd Treatment in August

If there has been sun exposure on the areas, the practitioners will assess the area and do another patch test or advice any waiting time required for any tan that has developed. Suppose you plan to show your new smoother skin on your holidays with three laser hair removal sessions. In that case, you will be already far from razors or other hair removal methods, and of course, you can enjoy a post-pandemic holiday treat at a summer destination.

This information is dependent on government updates and can vary from client to client.