Keeping the Romance Alive For Their 50th

Keeping the Romance Alive For Their 50th

50 is a huge milestone that deserves an extra-special celebration. If your partner is turning 50 soon, show them your love is still going strong! Choo

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50 is a huge milestone that deserves an extra-special celebration. If your partner is turning 50 soon, show them your love is still going strong! Choosing the perfect 50th birthday card is a vital first step to setting the mood and proving that no matter how long you’ve been together, romance is still in the air. Here are some more ideas on how to make their 50th their most romantic birthday yet.

Serve a Romantic Home-Cooked Meal

Show them how much you care by preparing a delicious home-cooked meal. Choose a dish you know they’ll enjoy and don’t just stop with the food. Go the extra mile with table settings, mood lighting from candles, a handwritten menu, and romantic music for the perfect ambience.


If your partner isn’t one for formal dining, then breakfast in bed always goes down a treat. Let them have a lie-in on their birthday morning before delivering freshly brewed tea or coffee, along with all their favourite breakfast foods. Fresh flowers and a thoughtful birthday card will add an extra-special touch to their breakfast tray.

Create a Love Garden

Flowers are wonderful but instead of a standard bouquet, why not spruce up the garden instead? Opt for romantic flowers like peonies and roses in your partner’s favourite shades or go for simple but beautiful bell snowdrops. If you want the plants to be a surprise then buying pre-potted or potting your plants is a great way to spruce up a seating area such as a decking or a patio. You can then decorate the area with fairy lights and spruce up your garden furniture by giving it a clean and adding new cushions. You’ve now got the perfect spot for a birthday toast!

Personalised Art

If you are the creative type, then why not use it to create a birthday gift they won’t forget? You can craft something wonderfully unique and heartfelt to express your love and celebrate your partner reaching this milestone birthday. You could pen a series of poems or present them with a drawing, painting, or piece of jewellery to express your love.


If you’re worried that your talents might not match up to your sentiments, then why not put together a scrapbook or a collage of photos instead? You could collect together old photos, newspaper cuttings, and tickets and create a memento that’s sure to have your partner laughing and smiling and maybe even shedding the odd happy tear.

Spa For Two

For a touch of luxury, celebrate their 50th birthday with a romantic and relaxing spa for two. Book a spa day or a full spa weekend at a spa hotel, where you can indulge in pampering treatments like a couples massage or facial or spend your time relaxing in the sauna or jacuzzi. Many spa hotels offer afternoon tea and fine dining experiences too, so you can raise a glass and toast to 50 fabulous years and many many more to come!