Is South Africa’s public broadcaster using apartheid tactics?

Is South Africa’s public broadcaster using apartheid tactics?

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South Africa’s public broadcaster has come under fire for its decision to ban the broadcast of the “destruction of property” during violent protests.

The announcement from the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) comes in the run-up to crucial local elections in August – and in the aftermath of violent protests in the northern province of Limpopo in which more than 20 schools were torched.

“As the SABC, we are very clear that we are going to cover protests that are happening and we are going to make sure that we are going to do that without fear or favour,” its statement said.

“When we are covering those protests where there are people destroying the property, we are not going to show that footage on our television. If there is sound that will encourage that behaviour then we will not use that sound on our radio stations.”

South Africa has a history of violent demonstrations, going back to the days when people protested against white minority rule under the violent apartheid system.

The school burnings over the past month were prompted by villagers angered that moves to include their neighbourhoods into a new municipality would delay efforts to get them better housing and water.