Increase in UK Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Prompts a New, Same-Day, ‘Vaser’ Liposuction Treatment

Increase in UK Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Prompts a New, Same-Day, ‘Vaser’ Liposuction Treatment

Vaser Liposuction, or, in its undone acronym, the ‘Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance’, is the newest addition to an increasingly mi

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Vaser Liposuction, or, in its undone acronym, the ‘Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance’, is the newest addition to an increasingly mind boggling array of extremely specific techniques made up of nips, tucks, sucks and rejuvenating technologies that promise a quick, precise targeting of fat removal that crucially, no longer require a general anaesthetic, with even fitness models and professionals physically conceding the next nod of cosmetic alteration and approval. Vaser Lipo achieves the once thought impossible, those stubborn shapes you were simply born with can now be taken away – without down down time or a night in a clinic in Harley Street. This, of course, remains an option for your own personal choice however the next levels of leanness, skin condition, minimal scarring and tight body sculpture are but few clicks away.

The Advanced Lipo Centre has two clinics in the UK, both headed by the hugely experienced surgeon, Dr. Bassi, who devotes his time to this new procedure.

4D and Hi-Definition Liposuction Techniques – Not Just for Women

The ground breaking advances heralded by Bassi at his two clinics in the UK (Nottingham and London’s prestigious Harley Street) also targets the male fitness craze, offering Hi definition liposuction techniques to sculpt and expose the abdominal muscles to their full glory.

The risks of traditional liposuction have been well documented, first and foremost in voyeuristic, trashy plastic surgery TV programmes and coffee table magazines, but despite this animalistic viewing of those that can frivolously change their entire appearance at a whim, it is important to realise that an average of 4500 Brits undertake liposuction treatments each year. Despite the crude cannula lunging of old, and a few weeks of sore and strapped up bandaging, many feel it is obviously worth the undertaking. Vaser Lipl;.o hopes to be the standard liposuction technique in the years to come.

So, How does ‘Vaser’ Work?

Technological advances in ultrasound are applied to the areas requested and through high levels of ultrasound the tissues are able to break away fatty cells from the connecting tissue, surrounding nerves, vessels and muscles. This is then sucked out and removed with a tiny cannula and incision.

Larger cannula are used in traditional liposuction techniques, which indeed require a bigger incision. The Vaser technique applies a numbing local anaesthetic to create a ‘tickle’ sensation when sucking out fat – this is targeted so that no surrounding tissue is lost so that collagen regrowth and replenishment is encouraged.

Where on the body?

The small incisions made are tiny enough to have specific target treatment anywhere, including but not limited to:

  • Face
  • cheeks
  • chin
  • ankles
  • knees
  • elbows

A step too far?

Vaser Liposuction is the latest in a rather long line of therapies that use the attitude that cosmetically, any imperfection, any loose skin or blemish, war wound or hard to shift fat lump one is unhappy with, is now, at the right price, instantly fixable.

A Roman attitude perhaps, but vanity, health and beauty and the ability to stay at the youthful age of 37 until you die is not a new thing. VASER lipo is, simply, a high-tech, additional, alternative to traditional liposuction; this was first pioneered in the 1920s with gangrenous consequences and was subsequently left until further medical advancements were made.

This was revisited in the 1980’s, practiced and perfected as an increasingly common cosmetic treatment championed by celebrities and royalty, which is now available to all.

Vaser Lipo – Better Alternative Technique

Vaser Lipo is becoming an increasingly popular choice for less invasive, same day surgery that aids in shifting excess and troublesome body fat in hard to shift areas.

In the UK, even the strictest fitness addicts that follow traditional health and fitness regimes may still require a helping hand in body sculpture.

The cosmetic surgery market in the UK has seen a massive increase in less invasive procedures such as vaser liposuction, filler, botox and fat transfer techniques. These are all relatively instant, combative solutions to body and face concerns. These particular treatments are also gaining more popularity due to less bruising, same day release from the clinic or hospital, minimal time off work and natural looking results.

Whether these bodily changes are to be taken with grace and haughty boldness, this is now, at least, becoming a choice. Certainly, in Western cultures, the importance placed on looks are validated every day, and is a fact of life now for the privileged. Whether the shopping list is for Botox, various skin plumping fillers such as dermal fillers, teeth-whitening – or further still – veneers, along with facials, weight loss wraps and skin peels, high-definition brows, eyelash and nail upkeep sit permanently with the tan stained direct debit receipts of gym memberships.

With those turning to surgery each year who wish to take a step further, they may now do so with options of permanent fat removal and transfer all in the quest a real life, airbrushed finish to vanity utopia. The pursuit of perfection and appreciation for attraction and attractiveness are nothing new, but the readiness of those are willing, both male and female, feeling the need to belong and mark oneself, the pea-cocking of both genders has always existed. A natural evolutionary social need to be one respected amongst one’s tribe and to attract a healthy mate is simply being given more options to change and tweak appearances.

Many are transfixed with the ‘fix’ and now many men are feeling the pressure. With their faces and bodies being scrutinised; have the years been kind enough to you?

Despite rigorous gym and diet routines, the possibilities to beat – or indeed – one day eradicate all visible change to an ageing silhouette, whether due too fluctuating weight, mental health issues, or changes occurring through the natural human life cycle in necessary physical trauma such as pregnancy, may soon be a reality.

The beautiful, informative Advanced Lipo Centre is great place to learn more about the Vaser Liposuction technique and who detail the many benefits, costs and procedures available.