Hyundai’s Growing Family of Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Hyundai’s Growing Family of Eco-Friendly Vehicles

With the green car revolution gathering pace and more and more motorists making the switch, many manufacturers are now stepping up their game by addin

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With the green car revolution gathering pace and more and more motorists making the switch, many manufacturers are now stepping up their game by adding a wide range of impressive eco-friendly automobiles well suited to many different motorists. One of the manufacturers that is leading the way is forward-thinking Korean brand Hyundai.

Two Additions

Hyundai are showing their commitment to green technologies by adding not one but two new eco-friendly automobiles to their range – the Kona and the Nexo. What is particularly interesting is the fact that these two cars use two very different technologies with the Kona being electric and the Nexo being powered by hydrogen fuel cell.

– Kona

The Kona will arrive in August and is already causing quite a storm in the industry as an electric vehicle that ticks all of the boxes. It features a striking style that the brand is known for, there is a huge amount of technology and safety kit as standard, plus the range is impressive with the 39.2kWh running 194 miles per charge and the 64kWh battery returning 300 miles per charge. Another reason that this looks set to be a popular electric vehicle is that it has a sensible price which will entice many who want to make the switch but are put off by the lofty price of other EVs.

– Nexo

The hydrogen fuel cell powered Nexo, meanwhile, is the larger vehicle with a sleek style, ample space inside and lots of technology and safety kit as standard. The impressive technology inside the Nexo means that only water is emitted, so it is completely emissions-free and therefore there is no road tax to worry about. Hyundai state that this vehicle will be able to drive an impressive 414 miles on one charge and reach speeds of up to 111 mph with the refill time taking only 5 minutes. The Nexo certainly is an impressive vehicle and hydrogen fuel cell technology may well be the future of green driving, but the Nexo is also very expensive – it is expected to cost around £65,000.

Warranty Protection

Another key selling point for Hyundai is the fact that their automobiles come with a 5-year warranty so the cost of repairs will be covered by the manufacturer – this is particularly important with alternatively fueled cars which can be expensive to repair. With this in mind, a motorist would be smart to take out an extended Hyundai from somewhere like ALA for protection and peace of mind once the original warranty has expired.

Hyundai is certainly leading the way when it comes to alternatively fueled vehicles and these are two highly anticipated releases which look set to take the industry by storm despite being very different from one another. More and more motorists are beginning to make the switch and this is, in part, due to various Government bans and incentives, but also as a larger global shift in attitudes towards green technologies. These two vehicles are sure to perform well and it will be interesting to see what the Korean manufacturer has up their sleeve next.