How To Lessen These Common Pregnancy Problems

How To Lessen These Common Pregnancy Problems

Pregnancy is supposed to be a difficult time, right? You’ll feel uncomfortable, nauseous and irritable, with these things persisting right up until th

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Pregnancy is supposed to be a difficult time, right? You’ll feel uncomfortable, nauseous and irritable, with these things persisting right up until the birth of your child.

The answer to this statement is a mix of both yes and no. It is true that pregnancy is an uncomfortable time, but that does not mean that there is nothing you can do to resolve this issue.

Let’s look at some of the problems that you may face during pregnancy, and what you can do to lessen their symptoms.


One of the most well-known problems that comes with pregnancy is nausea or morning sickness. These symptoms first arise in early pregnancy but the nausea may persist throughout.

There is no perfect cure for morning sickness; however, there are some things you can do to lessen the effects. First, try to identify the smells that are making you feel nauseous. Your sense of smell is going to be heightened during this time, and certain smells are going to affect you more. It will take some time, but try to work out which odours trigger your nausea and avoid them where possible.

Another way to lower your chances of getting morning sickness is by changing your eating patterns. Severe morning sickness is extremely unpleasant, so try eating smaller meals more frequently instead of one large meal at night. This type of meal is easier to digest, and you should try and stick to bland, low fat foods where possible.

Gas Or Bloating

It is no secret that your hormone levels are higher when pregnant. One of these hormones is called progesterone, a hormone that is linked with relaxing the muscles in your stomach and intestines.

This hormone change doesn’t sound like it would be an issue; however, the relaxation involved can cause the release of gas. That’s right, you are going to fart and burp a lot more when pregnant. On top of this, you may also experience bouts of heart burn or indigestion.

You can reduce the gas accrued in your stomach at one time by eating slowly and by eating more fibre. If you are struggling with bloating, try wearing loose fitting clothes.


As a pregnant woman, you will find that you are more tired than normal. That is because you are having to provide all the necessary nutrients for a baby to grow, while undertaking your regular day to day activities. Plus, some of the energy you consume is being used up by your foetus.

It is important to remember all that your body is going through while pregnant. If you find that you are tired, take a load off. Rest where you can and nap regularly. Tiredness is linked to all manner of pregnancy issues. Therefore, monitor your energy levels and relax. You may find that this process helps more than you would think.


Pregnancy problems aren’t just limited to the nine months that you are carrying your child. One thing to watch out for in labour is birthing injuries. Most of these problems are out of your hands and can be mild.

Your doctor is responsible for treating or alerting you to any to any injuries sustained by your baby during birth. Failure to do so can result in Medical Negligence Claims. If you find that your baby has suffered unnecessary injury during labour, then you may be able to seek medical negligence claims for compensation.

This process is an extreme reaction, and most parents will never find themselves in the position to need such help. Bruises and fractures are the most common forms of birth injury, and you can take care of these issues with regular care.

The Recovery Process

The nine months of carrying your baby and then delivering it into the world can take a large toll on your body. Most women require between 6-8 weeks of recovery time to fully feel like themselves again.

Some things that pregnant women may have difficulty with after giving birth include loss of bladder control, piles and needing stitches. Your doctor will assist you with the latter, but the other two issues are easily dealt with.

When struggling with bladder control, you may find that you leak after a cough or laughing. This is perfectly natural, and there are exercises that you can look into to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Piles on the other hand should clear up after a few days. They are uncomfortable, but you can speed up the recovery by eating fruit and vegetables and staying hydrated. You shouldn’t move too suddenly if you are suffering with any of the recovery issues and you can always seek out help from a midwife.


By reading through the problems above, you may start to worry about the pregnancy process. Don’t worry, there are plenty of remedies out there to assist you and online medical advice can ease your concerns. Feel free to try out any of the remedies above to lessen your pregnancy symptoms, and don’t forget that sometimes a good night’s rest is all you need.