How Guerrilla Marketing Can Get You Noticed

How Guerrilla Marketing Can Get You Noticed

Guerrilla marketing, or the process of using surprise and creativity to showcase your organisation and its offering, is a great way to really get your

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Guerrilla marketing, or the process of using surprise and creativity to showcase your organisation and its offering, is a great way to really get your business out there and set it apart from your competitors.

As the corporate market gets increasingly busy and consumers become wary of tactics like influencer marketing, it’s increasingly important that you use advertising solutions that can really set your firm apart. In this article we explore some of the ways that guerrilla marketing could benefit your business.

Guerrilla Marketing Is Original

While there are millions of billboards, posters and TV adverts out there, there will only be one guerrilla marketing campaign that’s quite like yours, allowing you to showcase your firm’s originality and set it apart from others.

There Are Loads Of Ways To Go About It

Many major corporations have shown excellent examples of guerrilla marketing, showing that with a little imagination and hard work any organisation can showcase its value using this ingenious marketing approach. As shown, guerrilla marketing can come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find a solution to suit your firm even in the most unusual of places.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Really Outlandish

Whilst the nature of guerrilla marketing is to be different and catch consumers by surprise, you don’t have to go mad and create something really bold. You could use a creative but slightly more practical solution, like a walking billboard from Nomadix, to make an impact and catch consumers off-guard whilst maintaining your brand’s integrity and professionalism.

You Don’t Need A Huge Budget

When you think of a big, impactful advertising campaigns you probably think of companies spending thousands of pounds to reach loads of people, but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are lots of cheap ways you can use guerrilla marketing to your advantage, including incorporating your existing products and solutions, or simply using graffiti.

Almost Any Business Can Do It

One of the best things about guerrilla marketing is that almost any business from practically any sector can use this strategy to make an impact and attract new clients and sales leads. Even if your niche is a little obscure and potentially distasteful, you can find a way to incorporate guerrilla marketing into your marketing plan and boost your profile among a variety of different people.

Working With An Agency Reduces The Burden On Your Team

Should you find that your team doesn’t have the time, skills or imagination to create and execute a successful guerrilla marketing strategy, then consider working with an agency that specialises in offering these services. They will be able to devise a complete guerrilla marketing strategy and launch it to the highest possible standard, as well as helping you to track its impact.

It Reaches A Large Audience

As it is designed specifically to catch people by surprise, guerrilla marketing is by its very nature a public form of advertising, and as such you can reach a large number of people. Whilst not all of these people will convert into customers, by using guerrilla marketing you can improve the number of leads you generate and enhance your brand awareness. Targeting specific areas can help you to narrow down your reach and connect with as many members of your target market as possible.

Guerrilla Marketing Can Drive Traffic To Your Website

By sharing just a link to a website during your guerrilla marketing campaign, rather than a company name or any other branding, you can easily drive traffic to your website, as passers by will want to find out more about the organisation behind this intriguing installation or unique artwork. This will allow you to get more people to visit your website, and whilst this might not directly translate into more sales, it will benefit your SEO as the number of clicks your website receives will drive it to the top of search engines and make online authorities like Google trust your site more.

The Internet Can Help You Go Viral

Alongside sharing details of your website in physical advertising installations, you could also consider making your brand go viral online to generate more traffic to your website and get people searching for your business. It can be hard to create viral content, but with a little hard work and perseverance, you can get your firm’s name out there. Your physical marketing solution could also go viral if pictures of it are uploaded to social media and blogs, and if you want this to happen then make sure you include hashtags and website links on your installation so that when images are uploaded online people know what to do and where to link to.

With any marketing strategy it’s crucial that you have a plan in place from the beginning, so that you make the most of your investment and reap the rewards for all your hard work.