How Easy It Is to Take Up Vaping

How Easy It Is to Take Up Vaping

Increasing health risks and diseases related to tobacco usage is one of the main reasons smokers want to quit. People nowadays are more conscious of t

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Increasing health risks and diseases related to tobacco usage is one of the main reasons smokers want to quit. People nowadays are more conscious of their health and diet. They are willing to try new alternatives and strategies to aid them with their health goals and avoid future health problems. Kicking out the smoking habit takes a lot of stress and effort but trying out new substitutes such as vaping that is much less harmful to the body is a giant leap to a healthier future.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is an act of using E-cigarettes or commonly known as “electronic cigarette,” that releases vaporized liquid being inhaled by the user. The electronic device is consists of a cartridge refilled with e-juice or liquid, the vaporizer, the atomizer, and a battery or power source. A brief summary of how it works starts when the wire coil is being heated, and then the wick draws up the e-juice towards the coil to be heated. It vaporizes and is inhaled through the mouthpiece in the same manner as smoking a regular cigarette. It is a contraption that sometimes looks like a pen or a flash drive that can stimulate smoking. If you’ve never used a vaping pen before or wondering how to use e-liquid, then there are guides out there to help you.

When the atomizer is heated, it transforms the liquid to vapour to be inhaled. The vapour or the flavourful gaseous substance that is being diffuse in the air looking like a thick cloud that quickly disappears. The e-liquid is a mixture that is composed of Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin for base combined with flavourings, additives and may sometimes have nicotine.

The look of E-cigarettes has evolved over time. Before, it really looks like a plastic cigarette that lights up at the end every time you take a puff, now the physical appearance has improved. Some look like a pen, a box, or a thin tube that .is less bulky and easier to carry around. Presently, most vaping devices use lithium batteries as a power source. The atomizer is another part of e-cigars that plays a critical role in how the device become suitable to the user; it is divided into categories:

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA)- is a combination of a rebuildable tank and a sub-ohm tank. It has a glass tank reservoir that can store e-juice that can be used for a longer period of time. The user does not need to drip juice regularly after a few puffs. They are designed to have a stainless-steel mesh as its wick, making the vapour more flavourful than the RDA’s.

Rebuildable Drip Atomizer (RDA)- has a base and a post where you can connect the coil and top cap. The user constantly drips the juice on the coil to keep it from drying and burning and get the vapour going. Most of it comes with an adjustable airflow that has an impact on the flavour and quality of the vaping experience.

Vaping vs Smoking

Long-time smokers face a lot of challenges every time they decided to quit smoking cigarettes. It is a force of physical inclination and a psychological habit that is difficult to walk out on. It requires a lot of personal commitment and motivation to keep yourself from giving in to urges and cravings that you will encounter after a few days of quitting.

The temptations will be overwhelming that they will keep you out of focus and test your ability to quit. Then comes the withdrawal symptoms experienced after a few weeks of smoking abstinence. The symptoms may vary from every person, but the most common are irritability, anxiety, insomnia, and difficulty concentrating. Smoking is a smoker’s escape and a way to cope with anxiety and stress. Quitting this habit means finding a healthier manner of coping with these feelings.

Some smokers try to quit by chewing gum every time they crave a stick, some nibble on snacks or a strip of carrot, and some find a productive hobby to keep their mind occupied. But not all are triumphant, and this is where vaping comes into play. Using E-cigarettes can help control nicotine cravings. With proper usage and the right setting, it can be a better alternative to smoking. It delivers nicotine through an e-liquid in a controlled way without the toxins you get from heated tobacco.

Adding vaping in your “Stop Smoking Plan” can help you manually lower the nicotine level with just a few clicks on the gadget and your choice of e-juice. You will be able to forget about smoking with fewer cravings, no more yellow stains on the teeth, and bad breath. It could address your long-term challenges of quitting smoke and could prevent smoking habit relapse.

Choices of E-Liquids and Its Flavours

There is an enormous selection of e-liquids/juices that will suit your taste and satisfy your olfactory senses. Buying a good quality e-liquid and from a well-known brand of e-juices is critical to maintaining the safety of vaping. There are a variety of flavours to choose from that is categorized into tobacco, fruity, pastry, candy, drinks, coffee and a lot more! The taste of the e-juice is one of the factors that guarantee the user’s satisfaction from nicotine cravings without the tobacco leaf or the nicotine itself. It gives you that “throat hit” feeling that you get from puffing a cigarette.

Choosing the nicotine strength of your e-juice depends on how long you have been smoking. Heavy smokers who use to smoke more than a pack per day would go for the highest strength, such as 18-24mg, then gradually lower it down to 6mg then to 3mg as they continue their journey of quitting smoking. Light and occasional smokers would opt for lower nicotine levels such as 3mg or sometimes 0mg just to satiate the cravings. Choosing the flavour of the juice comes down to your personal preference. If the user uses to smoke menthol cigarettes before quitting, then he would prefer menthol flavoured e-juices.

Correct usage of the e-liquid also matters to get the best flavour. Steeping your e-juices is a process to keep the taste flavourful since it allows the ingredients of juice to congeal. After opening a bottle of e-liquid, give it time to sit so the air could get in and start to oxidize it, then the colour will slightly darken, and the taste will become sweeter. Storing it away from heat and light will keep it fresh and could stay longer.