How a healthy lifestyle can promote hair growth

How a healthy lifestyle can promote hair growth

Living a healthy lifestyle is essential if you want to remain in good health and also keep your looks for longer. Even though genetics do, to some ext

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Living a healthy lifestyle is essential if you want to remain in good health and also keep your looks for longer. Even though genetics do, to some extent, impact the risk of us developing certain diseases and how we may look when we age, our lifestyle also has a significant influence on our future appearance and health.

The importance of your diet

The food you choose to eat has a big influence on your state of health. Eating foods rich in nutrients and antioxidants is crucial to living a long and healthy life.  The nutrients feed all the cells in your body including, including your skin. Nutrients are also essential for promoting the growth of healthy hair. Vitamins and minerals are important for the metabolic reactions that occur in every cell of the body. The B vitamins, particularly biotin, are thought to help increase hair growth, and some vitamins such as vitamin A and C are potent antioxidants which are important in protecting the cell from damaging chemicals called free radicals.

Besides vitamins, it is also important to make sure that you are, in fact, eating enough protein.  The protein found in lean meats, fish and eggs are all very helpful in providing important nutrients to the cells. Eggs have an added benefit of containing biotin, L-lysine and vitamin D, which can all help your hair to stay healthy. Fish and eggs also contain selenium, which scientists think is associated with stimulating hair growth.

It is also important to remember that iron is an essential mineral that is needed by the blood cells of our body. The blood supply is how nutrients and oxygen are delivered to all the cells of the body. A lack of iron can cause anemia which then compromises the ability of blood cells to deliver enough oxygen. This is because it is iron on the red blood cells that actually binds to the oxygen and allows it to be carried on the blood cells.

Avoiding bad habits

Several bad habits that people have impacts their health and physical appearance. Drinking excessively and smoking cigarettes are two such habits. The nicotine found in cigarettes actually compromises the ability of the body to deliver blood to the cells of the body, because it causes the blood vessels to narrow. People who smoke and drink also tend to age faster than people who do not.

Unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking then also compromise the ability of hair to grow, which is a big reason that hair transplant doctors tell you not to smoke and drink alcohol before and after having hair transplanted.

Another bad habit that may be hard to avoid, is stress.  Everyday living is stressful for most people and with the hectic pace of everyday life we tend to eat badly, not exercise enough and not sleep enough.

To sum up –

Eating properly and getting enough rest is very beneficial for overall health, but also for helping to promote hair growth.